WordPress Website Maintenance Services for Small Business Online Presence

Without a well maintained optimized website, it is just spending the dollar in vain. No visitor means no lead and no business. Google always favours the well-maintained website whether it is built-in WordPress or now. Every business owners nowadays depend on website’s visitors as the business now became very competitive and online presence requires more attention. You might be a small business owner, you might have a website. Everyone like to increase their sales through the web? 9 out of every 10 people use the WordPress Website today and hence, that’s the best effective way to reach the audience and increase your sales within budget? Like everything, the website also requires a regular update, maintain or SEO work to keep it stand out or modern. It should generate a lead, otherwise what is the significance of maintaining a website. We are the USA registered and operated company and serving many clients Nation-Wise from our Texas, New York and California offices with a dedicated team. However, we always appreciate that small business owners are able to manage their website by themselves as after COVID-19, they might have budget limitation for the same. Except for big corporation, they have a budget and people to manage. We would ask small business owners to drop us an email if there is any quick issue to discuss at free of cost. Otherwise, they may read all below and try themselves.

But you must be wondering what can your small Business do to earn that massive rate of success like others easily online? Well, that’s the beauty of WordPress. Even your small business can have excessive customers in a short time, all you need to do is learn the right way to spread the word to the masses.
Researches have shown that 34% of the Web uses WordPress websites. The reason behind the massive users and great popularity is the enormous difference in the platform WordPress and others in the race. The fact is that it always supports a variety of media types and that you are in full control of your content makes it easy for a business of any kind to make the sales through their WP site.
Most people ought to use WP as a platform for the advertisement of their Business but miss out on some very basic key factors that make the very simple task of capturing the target audience and the first pages in google search, difficult. But don’t worry, here is a step-by-step easy guide to how you can develop the most attractive of all, WP site which makes good amounts of sales and has great SEO.
Updating Website“Don’t miss any updates” or “Keep updating your WP site now and then” are the statements you must have heard many times and you must be sick of it by now. But there is a reason behind the hype of updates on WP. Concisely, updates do tend to help a lot and make a good difference in the efficient working of your site in terms of google search reach and SEO, too. Although the entire update process looks much of a headache and seems like a lot thing needs to be done to keep your site up-to-date, responsive and error-free, the reality is a bit different. Updating your website just requires a regular touch with some features of the site. Feel free to contact us in case of any required help, we can solve your regular WP updates issues within minutes.
One thing that you need to know for a better understanding of updates is that mostly updates on WP come when you add any functions to your site or when there is space for the release of security patches on your site. So, every time you add a new feature to your site, it is better to cope with the updates right then.
The other important point being the fact that on the release of minor new versions, WP updates itself, the examples are versions v5.4.2 or v5.5.1.
How we update your WordPress site
Guide you about switching on the auto-update option for all the new plugins and themes, so that your site doesn’t miss any update.
Educating you about the details of options on WP pages for updates.
Test all applied processes for your updates to make sure everything is working appropriately.
There is this remarkable and convenient feature on WP that it shows the newly available updates for themes and plugins in both sections respectively side-by-side, which makes it easier for you to cope with every new update. These update options easily start to download by a click and get installed.

B. Full-time monitoring of your WP site
Keeping a 24/7 check on the details of your site seems to be a rather tiring task, which it surely is, but that’s why we are here to help you. You can easily contact us and seek help in terms of guidance to make the monitoring of your site easy and commendably efficient. Several features comes into consideration on each of the WP sites that require the monitor and proper check-up.
The reason you need to keep an eye on your WP site is that it is as important as it sounds. The check-up for your online availability can be controlled only by a proper monitor of your site. This does happen that sometimes you appear to be online but actually, you are not. Also, the behavior of the website and its SEO seems to be on point at times, but still, your website is not making enough reach to the audience, that’s what monitoring helps you cope with.
There are some available guides regarding the regular monitor on WordPress.org as well but reading and understanding it all and then implementing is rather brain consuming. Don’t worry, we will make all easy and clear for you in the most appropriate way.

How we help you monitor your WordPress site to keep well maintained

Monitoring the statistics of day-to-day visitors to your site and making you aware of all the credentials.
The site of your speed plays the greatest role in the overall dynamic of the sales of your Business. We will help you manage and monitor the speed of your speed regularly.

Managing the “uptime” of your site.

Uptime refers speciafically the time your site is available to the traffic that comes your way through google. This uptime is very crucial and must be equal to 100 percent in all situations. Contradictory to uptime is the downtime, as the name suggests, it is the measure of time when your site is out of reach for users. A close association in the management of uptime and downtime of a site can make your site amongst the top-ranking ones on the google page. The more the uptime the more the chances of increase in your web traffic and vice versa.

Optimizing the database of your WordPress website

The optimizing of the database of a WP site appears to be a very challenging task, due to the technicality that comes with its terms. This can be made pretty simple for you though, we have professionals who can help you manage your databases and optimize it remarkably within a matter of minutes.
The basic tool used in all the process of database management is the very popular PhpMyAdmin. So, what happens is that after using WP for a while, all your database become divided into sections. This division makes the execution time long and also the overall size of your database. What phpMyAdmin does to solve this is that it shows you simple options to optimize your tables and hence, reducing your database’s occupied space. A small-sized database, in-turn provides you with greater speed and vice versa.

How we optimize your WordPress site for Google Search Engine

Help you fix the WP issues regarding your database with the use of phpMyAdmin.
Make you add new users to your site using the same tool.
Provide the backup for your WP database
Make the use of Plugins to do backup and make your database efficient.
Makes you learn how to change the password of your WP site which changes and saves it nicely in your database as well.
Guiding about the change of usernames, which is a technical task to do on the WP site, making sure the databases back it up time-to-time.
Finally, making your database secure from all kinds of outside threats and protecting it against outside hosts and any hacking.

Development Hours
The development hours of a site are obviously, highly important. The few initial settings and layout of your website forms the basis of everything else you will do with it afterward. Some of the settings including the details you enter at the start of your WP site formation, remain the same till the end and can not be altered afterward, this makes the significance of the development hours crystal clear.
Make sure you are dedicated while the development phase. In addition to this, reading the instructions for the creation of a website beforehand is also extremely necessary, there is this lengthy guide regarding the making of a WordPress site available online. We have hired assistants that will help you serve your website creation purpose easily by making you understand all the steps and settings of your site.
Here is an insight into what we help you within the phase of the development of the site.

How we optimize your WordPress site
Inform you about the domain names you need to be fully aware of before starting the site.
Guiding you about the correct “hosting package”. A correct hosting package is very important and brings about great influence on the further processing of WordPress databases.
Tell the process to download WordPress and setting up the correct domain.
Theme and Plugins are like the basics of WordPress so we give you an in-depth guide to choosing the feasible themes and plugins for the site.
Each WordPress website has some pages requiring more attention and time than others, we refer to them as the most essential pages of a site. These pages are mostly the ones at the start as it forms the basic impression of your Business, we help you incorporate the essential pages with other pages in the google search feed.

Security and Scan

The security of your site must be your priority. Your website contains some of the very sensitive information regarding your Business and its loss is something you would not like in any case. When available online, your website is at risk of being exposed to various threats, that’s why most of the users are worried about it. This may seem tricky to manage your site’s privacy, but you do not need to worry at all. This is what we are here for; releasing your headache regarding this.
We will make your WordPress site undergo deep scans and for this purpose, we have customized scan technologies. Your site will be managed and protected by following the specialized customer requirements it may have. This makes the overall scan system more secure and vulnerable.
Each site is exposed to threats of different kinds, you need to locate the safest solutions to these.
How we optimize your WordPress site
Create advanced reports about the compatibility of your system towards threats.
Locate the problems/threats your site is at risk of and make you aware of the protection processes.
Make your WordPress site do regular scans.
Make you aware of the disaster recovery and the plans for the deployment of attacks.
“Backup” is always the best option to deal with security threats. We can provide you with exceptional backup plans.
Make use of security plugins.
The risks and threats must be secured timely. For this purpose, plans like changing the domain prefix or admin username work the best.
The presence of the very reliable security system of WordPress, the WordPress sites do get hacked sometimes and the important information comes at a risk. There have been several examples where laziness in proper security checkups from site owners has resulted in the loss of data and breach of privacy. Being aware of all these circumstances that may arise with even the minor carelessness, we are here to cater to all the security related issues for you.

Your Business customized website
You need to promote your Business through WordPress that’s the reason you made the website. Make sure it is your main focus and goal till the end. Make your website represent the main motives of your Business and all the details in the most effective way possible. Post content that develops an interest in the web traffic reaching your site. Do proper research before making your site on how others in your field who have popular known names, tackle the content of their site.
There are a wholesome amount of techniques that make your website content unique and stand out among the thousands of other pages on google. When you portray your services in the most appealingly way ever, the visitors of your site become regular, and hence, the traffic coming towards your site also increases.
The website you own on WordPress must have complete details of your Business so that no one finds it difficult to reach out to you. Make sure the message you are trying to convey is clear.

What you can expect from us

Our company tends to manage all your website contents in an incredible way which will boost up your sales and increase your annual turnaround. The reason why this management is so important is that to make sure that the web page appears among the top ones on google, you need to keep a close checkup of minor details if they are going right or not. Like is your website always available online? Is the SEO of your content on point when it seems to be?
We manage all this for you efficiently so you can focus on your Business completely and don’t need to give the pressure of web traffic or online marketing of your brand to give you a headache.
All these technical things regarding a WordPress site seem to be disturbingly difficult but just your little consultancy with us can make you free from all these worries and make your effort worth it.

Optimizing servers on your website

After you complete the development of a website, the next thing that makes you anxious is the statistics. The number of traffic reaching your site, the number of customers you receive by this online advertisement, and the ranking of your website in google search. To guarantee all this, you need to optimize the servers on your website to stabilize it.
As you know, we download, install and use a wide range of tools, new themes, or plugins for a WordPress site, sometimes, these applications slow down things on your site, no matter how much good your content might be.
To increase the slowed speed of your site, optimize servers, and stabilize it, you need to opt for certain easy ways. The point is that if your site takes time to load, the users are very likely to lose interest and leave the page in a matter of seconds. It has been proven through random surveys that people ought to prefer fast loading websites in which all images and each content loads faster to be viewed, irrespective of the quality of content, at times. This means not having proper optimization can hugely affect the number of servers reaching your site and therefore, the growth of your Business.

How we help you speed up your WordPress site speed

Run the site speed tests for you that enables you to find the speed of your loading site. (The ideal speed is said to be 3 to 4 sec)
Making redirects less as it does affect your site speed a lot.
Minimize the number of revisions of your posts. This again seems to be beneficial but it does play a role in slowing your WP site speed. (You can do this by wp-config.php file which contains the code for the number of revisions)
Choose themes and plugins that are rather fast in loading. (Using light weighing themes for your site is the best option in this case). These are the themes with relatively less number of features. So, you can go for the ones with less but comprehensive, essential features.
Going for the latest versions of PHP as it speeds up the site speed efficiently. Making your PHP version updated to the latest one available.
You can use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A good CDN makes the loading of all content very fast as it makes you cope with the slowness that may be caused in the site due to distance. Examples of good CDNs are CacheFly and Cloudfare.
Cleaning the unnecessary or unused files in your database.

Design and Layout
It is a universally accepted fact that things that appear presentable are the ones more desired. The layout as well as the design of a WordPress site similarly, plays a key role in attracting the web traffic reaching your site. Make sure you use wonderful images, videos, and animations to make your site, as appealing to the customers as possible.
A large number of design layouts are available when you first design your WP site to you as well. You can choose the best design and the one suiting your business profile.
As our focus is on the growth of small businesses. Let us make a highlight a few important points for the small ones. It is not a lesser-known fact that all the big brands and businesses in any field have their customized sites that suit well to their logos, brand layouts, and more. This technique of these huge brand names makes them stand alone in the race and rather make them unique. So, while developing a design or layout of your site, make sure it’s unique and specially customized for you. Make sure that it doesn’t look like a copy or appear to be similar in terms of anything to another business label. This approach will not only make you unique but also attract the masses providing you with the utmost success that you desire.
The management of these layouts and designs is no doubt a tiring task. The fact that you have to make it customized and unique for your site and done of a kind requires real creativity.
You don’t need to stress about this our company does all this layout and design customization most affordably.

How to choose the best website layout for your business
Make sure you choose themes that are not very heavy.
Keeping in mind the appearance of themes and plugins to attract the masses.
Go for premium themes.
Choose the color that goes with the logo or theme of your Business.
Stay away from the bloated themes as they may cause several issues afterward.
Keep it simple. Some people opt for huge designs that make the site crowded and do no good to the viewer’s sight. It is rather annoying to see.
Choose themes, that are responsive. Responsive themes are the ones that have adjustable sizes and layouts, it is very convenient as these themes change their sizes accordingly.
Having sites that are multilingual, is the best option. As evident, it increases the amount of web traffic by 80 %. The more versatile the themes, languages, and design of your site will be, and the more it will understandable for people belonging to different cultures, the more the customers.

Migration of Site

When you have started working on WordPress you should know that there might be a time when you want to shift your site from one destination to another. This is a very time-consuming task and requires the complete transfer of the site material.
To migrate your site, using a migration plugin is the most convenient option, let us explain why. Plugins allow the best manual shifting of your site content when you don’t have a good enough host to do that for you.
However, the problem with using plugins is that you really should not use plugins for a manual shift if you do not have complete knowledge of what you are doing. WPvivid and All-in-one migration are amongst the most trusted plugins in this regard.
As mentioned earlier, using plugins for shifting is not easy so you can ask us for easy help related to your site shift. We have groups of workers who are professional in catering to such problems regarding sites.
Making sales out of your small scale business on an online platform is not as difficult as it seems. You need to be aware of the above-mentioned basics and how to make the best use out of them. WordPress sites have millions of users visiting their sites and that’s the reason a quarter of the internet is comprised of WordPress sites.
The correct knowledge of SEO and statistics can lead to a lot of good turnaround from your Business.
You can contact us today in case of any queries. We pay close attention to the Uptime (availability of your website online) of your WP site. You will be informed by a simple notification at any point of time if ever your website is having a Downtime. We cater to our customers 24/7. You can sign up for our platform and easily get registered to release all your worries about WordPress maintenance and management. We understand the need for attention and time that your WordPress site has.
Feel free to contact us and consult us for any queries!