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Welcome to Wevtec Website Fixing Service, the eminent website repair specialist based in Texas, proudly serving a national clientele. Are you encountering issues like the “Error establishing a database connection” alert on WordPress? Such errors often result from database connection malfunctions, server congestion, or data corruption. Dive into solutions for typical hurdles like misconfigurations, access permissions, software incompatibilities, and query missteps, all with the seasoned expertise of Wevtec. Entrust your digital foundation to professionals who understand.

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How to fix database connection error at the website when it’s not working properly. Might be your concern for today. We are a USA based website fixing service provider. We understand the data security and apply the right steps when facing the issue like fixing website database errors. In most of cases, we also prefer to guide the clients on how to fix database connection errors by themselves in case there are small issues.  

Error establishing a database connection in the website is a common issue that we often find for fixing request. Get secured service from Houston Based website fixing company with Nationwide Clients. Fix WordPress database bugs, optimize your database or update your WordPress Database. Database connection error Detection, and Solutions. We are confident to solve database issues whether it is WordPress or not. NO DEPOSIT terms applicable only for USA based companies and small business websites. Before trying to fix the database errors, we always take backup for the whole website to keep your data secured.

“Error Establishing a Database Connection, WordPress database errors” is often a concern for website owners and users. This issue occurs when there are errors, and caused as WordPress is unable to establish a database connection. It could be either website’s database login credentials are incorrect or has been changed. It could be that your database has been corrupted. Another reason may be incorrect data for communicating with the database (for example, after site transfer). It can also be hosting problems. We are here 24/7 to assist and fix website issues related to establishing database connection error.

Database connection Error

All About Website Database Connection Errors.


You may be worried when you look at the message “Error Establishing a Database Connection” on a website. This problem is quite common nowadays and it can be fixed very easily. Before moving towards the common issues of database connections, website fixing, and their solution, let us have a look at the basics of databases.


A database is a well-structured, organized, and sequential set of data that is used in a particular website. It is a storage place where you have stored your files and when you need that file you just move to that particular section and get the file. When there is a concern as to how to fix database connection error at the website. It is easily done when your database is structured and normalized. Some popular databases are:


Oracle 12c

Microsoft SQL Server

Postgre SQL

Mongo DB

Maria DB



MySQL is one of the most widely used databases for web-based applications. It is a relational database management system and is used to manage different web databases. It is open-source software and can be used with many open-source tools such as PHP, Apache web server, and Linux operating system. It is used with WordPress to access the data when it is requested. Moreover, you can update, create, and delete the database. Now, we will look at the basic terminologies used with the database.


The database host is the software that hosts your database on the MySQL server. Usually, it is a localhost where your database is hosted but it can be different. You can check your hostname in the control panel of your MySQL database. Some hosting providers use different names to manage the MySQL server.


The database table is the arrangement of data that is used in the web-application. Every entity in the database table has its own unique ID so that it can be distinguished. It has rows and columns. Each row in the table has a field and each column has the attribute of that particular file in the database table. For Example, consider the database of students in a university. Students_record can be the name of the table and it has the following columns:

  • Student_id
  • Student_name
  • Student_regno
  • Student_program


The SQL query is a special kind of code that is used to retrieve particular information from the database. Structured Query Language is abbreviated as SQL and it is used by WordPress to manage its databases. We can create the new database, update the table in the database, delete any column, row, or complete database, and edit the database using SQL queries. An SQL query looks like;

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE ID = 1;

Now, we will discuss some errors that can occur in a database.

Errors In Website Database And How To Diagnose It!

Some mistakes cause errors in a database. These errors compromise the working of your database and thus your website.


  • Poor planning of database design
  • Lack of communication with the developer
  • Ambiguous documentation


  • Poor naming convention
  • Database normalization issues
  • Redundant records
  • Inconsistent indexing
  • Improper usage of the primary key and foreign key
  • The above technical and non-technical mistakes cause errors in a database.


Below are the most common database errors:

  1. Cannot Find SQL server, Error Connecting to the server name
  2. Corresponding join not defined
  3. Error opening the file in the read mode
  4. Power shortage and hardware failure
  5. Slow execution of the query and retrieving results

Error Message: Cannot Find SQL server, Error Connecting to the server name.

This error message indicates that your login attempt to service manager is failed due to some reason. It can also show this message when you log in but received no reply from the server. It can be caused due to:

  1. You have typed wrong login credentials

When you type incorrect username and password, the server treats you as an unknown person and thus it does not allow you to make the connection. You should be careful about case-sensitive letters.

  1. The service manager server is not running

You should ensure that your server is on and it is running.

Error Prompt: Corresponding join not defined

This error message indicates that you are trying to join multiple tables and they are not joined properly in the database due to some human error or wrong query. You should be careful that your join query is written correctly. No other join connects the same table.

Error Prompt: Error opening the File in read mode

Follow these steps when you face this type of error:

  1. Click Tailoring, then Database Manager.
  2. Select Administration mode.
  3. Type core in the Table Name field, and then click Search.
  4. Select a record to edit.
  5. Open the More Actions menu and choose Regen.
  6. You are prompted to confirm this regen action.
  7. View all messages.
  8. Read the messages and identify any errors that occurred during the operation.

Power Shortage and Hardware Failure

Guarantee that methodologies are set up so that it gives nonstop power in case of a power blackout or equipment stops working. In case of a power blackout or equipment stops working, exchanges kept in touch with the log record are undermined and can’t be recovered. On the off chance that a backup procedure is running when the blackout happens, utilize your RDBMS instruments to check the legitimacy of the backup.

Slow Execution of queries and retrieving results

Slow query execution time and retrieving results can cause due to your network problems. Moreover, it can also be caused due to a huge number of records that are kept in a database. When your index number is very large it is difficult for the query to execute and retrieve results. When you use complex queries to search for the results, it also takes time to execute, for example, order by a statement usually increases the execution time. It is not the error but it is a problem that can be solved by an experienced database administrator.

Now we will discuss WordPress database connection errors and their possible solutions.


One day you were working on your WordPress Website and the next morning when you wake up, you see a message “ERROR ESTABLISHING A DATABASE CONNECTION.” Will you be worried after seeing this message? No! Don’t be worried because it’s a common problem nowadays but you need to fix it as early as possible because it can affect your website ranking and thus your business.

WordPress is developed using a programming language PHP. The main WordPress files are coded in PHP. It means all the functionalities of WordPress are written in PHP. Another technology on which WordPress is based on is the MySQL database. All the information such as your posts, pages, elements, blogs, themes, and color schemes even that title of your site is stored in MySQL database.

Moreover, we connect to the MySQL database using PHP commands and get the information we need. Errors occur when we are unable to access the MySQL database using PHP commands. It is programmed in such a way that when it happens, WordPress displays a message “Error Establishing Database Connection” that’s it. Now it is up to you how you diagnose the problem and fix it.


WordPress database is used to store all the essential WordPress files and user information. It behaves the same as other databases. WordPress database checks the following information before connecting to WordPress:

  • Database Name
  • Database Password
  • Database username
  • Database Server

As discussed before, all this information is stored in the WordPress Configuration file and it is suggested to check out this information before moving forward. If anyone of this information is incorrect, you are not allowed to access the database, and “Error establishing a database connection” will pop up on your screen.

Usually, the WordPress database connection is not established because your database files are corrupt or your database server is down. Let us discuss all possible solutions one by one.


WordPress needs a specific username and password to login to the database. If you are typing both credentials wrong and any one of it is wrong, WordPress will not give you access to the database.


When your WordPress files get corrupted even than you cannot have access to the database. Files are corrupted due to the failure of a software update, plugin update, and WordPress theme update.


A malicious plugin may corrupt your database or some hacker is trying to reach your database.


It may be possible that your database server is not responding due to any reason or it may be down. Usually, the web server and your database server are hosted on different devices so, your website might be working properly but your database might be not.


It is not the problem that your website has too much traffic that is keeping your website busy, but it disturbs the working of the database and makes it unresponsive. For example, your website is giving good content to study about COVID-19, and now so many people are hitting your website. Unfortunately, your server is unable to handle all those requests.


Let us have a look at how to resolve WordPress database connections.


If you are typing the wrong WordPress database credentials, it might be the reason for database connection error. Your database connection credentials are stored in the wp-config.php file. In this file all WordPress configuration files including WordPress database information is stored. If you have moved your WordPress to a new host, it can also be the reason for the database connection.

It is suggested that you should check the username and password for the database. If it is wrong then you should confirm it through the WordPress hosting account dashboard.

When you have confirmed the credentials then you can change the information in the configuration file or simply use that information to login. At last, check that if your database connection error is resolved. If it is still there, it means there are some other technical issues.


Database connection errors also occur when there is a problem at your web host provider. The server might be busy or at its maintenance phase. You can reach them by a message on their live chat platform. Good web host providers are now offering live chat module in which you can chat with them and tell your problem. You can ask them if there is any huge traffic on their server or their server is down.

When you tell them about database connection error, they will know you what is the problem and when they will fix it.

If they tell you that their database is fine and running with normal traffic, then you should be careful that there is some other problem that is causing an error in the database connection.


The database of WordPress is a complicated entity as all the necessary information and files are stored in this database. Whenever small negligence happens you see the error establishing the database connection. If WordPress is suggesting to you,” One or more database tables are unavailable. The database may need to be repaired”. Whenever this line shows up, just add the piece of code written below:

define (‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);

By adding this line you will be directed to the settings page through this link.

Here you will see the option to Repair Database. Click on that and wait for its process. When your repair is complete, do not forget to remove that piece of code from the configuration file. If the error is still there you need to check some other possibilities as discussed in the next step.


To connect the database to your WordPress, you need a specific username and password. If your credentials are not the same as they were set before, it is impossible to access your database. Normally, the username and password do not change on their own but some changes in the configuration file or some other hosting file, disturb the database credentials. You need to fix it by using the following lines of code in wp_config.php file

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘any_db’);

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘any_username’);

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘any_pswd’);

define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘any_localhost’);

If anyone of the above mention credentials is wrong or misspelled you cannot get access to the database. You need to send these lines of code to your web hosting provider and ask them to check whether the information against these credentials are correct or not. They will reply to you with some feedback and tell you the changed information if any.

You just need to put those new credentials in place of previous ones in the wp_config.php file. After adding this, you can check you’re your site and see whether the error is removed or not. If not, move to the next step.


As we referenced previously, the center WordPress records can get undermined for various reasons. Possibly there’s been a hacking endeavor on your site, perhaps you altered a few documents unintentionally, and perhaps a plugin module did the alteration.

Whatever it may be, you can in any case reestablish the default, local documents of WordPress. The most effortless approach to do that is to simply download a perfect rendition of WordPress from and duplicate it over the one you have at this moment. You can download the latest version of WordPress from the official WordPress website.

After downloading the new WordPress files, overwrite the previous files via FTP to new WordPress files. After that go to your site and check that if your site is connected to the database.

Most probably, now your website will be connected to your database and you are good to proceed further.

NOTES: WordPress Database Errrors

It is always better to avoid problems rather than wasting your time in fixing them. The following are two main points that you should have cater before to avoid maximum problems.

You should purchase that hosting which is fully compatible working with WordPress. This will help you in such a way that you will always have knowledgeable staff. They will help you in avoiding little mistakes and errors. Moreover, they provide full guidance if any mishap happens as they are aware of WordPress issues. So, a good web host provider can minimize approximately 50% of your problems.

There are multiple backup plugins available to save your important files before any software corruption. These plugins are available free and paid both. You can install a simple backup plugin and you should have a backup of your working WordPress files that you can restore when something fails to respond.

WordPress Database Errors Fixing

In case of an emergency, we are quickly there for you.

Do you have acute problems with your WordPress website? No problem, in case of an emergency we are at your side and will help you to fix any errors or problems.

We can help you with these common issues:

  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • White Screen of Death
  • Maintenance Mode Error
  • Error Establishing A Database Connection
  • Connection Timed Out
  • Warning: Cannot Modify Header Information — Headers Already Sent

  • Warning: File_Get_Contents
  • Syntax Error in WordPress
  • WordPress Memory Exhausted Error – Increase PHP Memory
  • You Are Locked Out of WordPress Admin (wp-admin)
  • WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue
  • Image Upload Issue in WordPress
  • WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

In these and similar emergencies, we can provide WordPress Bug Fixing to quickly restore your WordPress website functionality. We will examine and analyze the problems and then resolve them.

“Error Establishing A Database Connection”

It means that WordPress is experiencing a problem when trying to access the database and showing Database Connection Error.  Database login credentials may show incorrectly. Your database may become corrupted when so many themes, plugins are used with constantly deleting and installing them.

Believe you are aware that the WordPress website uses a MySQL database to operate one of the reasons can be an issue with the wp-config.php file. It can come also when the database crosses the allotted quota once it is in shared hosting especially when there is  a heavy traffic spike.

In order to solve this issue, you need to open the file  wp-config.php from FTP and need to ensure that database details are given correctly. Details will include database name, username, password, and database host. The database may need to clean up if compromised.

Here need to determine the correct MySQL database settings and then update the wp-config.php file with the correct database settings. Have to follow several steps for resolution, like 

Step 1: Determine the correct MySQL database settings through Log into cPanel.

Step 2: Click  at phpMyAdmin

Step 3: Note the name of the database and Click the name of the WordPress database.

…..Move on…. You can easily solve this type of errors ready several online blogs/articles or from youtube channels 

However, don’t worry, we will fix every WordPress hacked site or database connection errors under 12 ho

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These are database name, database username, database password, and database host that is localhost in most of the cases-

  1. // ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //
  2. /** The name of the database for WordPress */
  3. define( ‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’ );
  4. /** MySQL database username */
  5. define( ‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’ );
  6. /** MySQL database password */
  7. define( ‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’ );
  8. /** MySQL hostname */
  9. define( ‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’ );

SQL injection, the most common form of web site attack in that web forms are very common“.  

Don’t worry, we will fix every WordPress Database connection errors under 12 hours.

Database connection errors for a website

What are the errors seen for a website in connection to the Database?
If you are running a website with any professional website maintenance services then, attached to the Database, there is a possibility that you can hit by different database connection errors. There can be several possibilities that your website is facing database connection errors. So, let’s see what mistakes can be seen while connecting your website to the Database.
You may be running out of memory
Your database memory is full, and no more entries can be made in the Database
MySQL got corrupted or crashed
Max connections get exceeded
Credentials entered in sites Database is invalid
Site is not compatible with the PHP version

If you are facing any kind of troubles while connecting the Database to your website, we are available 24/7 for you. Our company which is situated in Houston provides one of the best solutions for database connection error for a website nation wide. We have a tremendous leading team for solving database connection errors.

Website database issues?

If you are facing any problem to understand the term “database” don’t worry. We are here to clear all your doubts about it.
The Database is something when you create any website you have to store info about the visitors of your website. It is also needed when you are running an E-commerce website which for which you have to store info about clients like address, phone number, etc. and also what is ordered by the customers. It can be hacked even. And we can help for hacked website repair service. The Database is essentials for any website. It can be developed by using MySQL and using coding of PHP or JS.
If you are looking for a professional database for your website is the right place. Our company is providing services of a database for years. We have professionals who are experts in the DBMS field. They can create a database suitable for your website.

How does the database work for a website?

We are here to help you and guide you all about the Database. Our experts will guide you with all the essential things about the Database. Now we will discuss how the Database works for your website and how the Database will connect to your site.
Let’s see how the database connection works for the website.
When visitors visit your form and if your website contains any kind which takes info of your visitors like subscription form. A server takes that information from the visitor’s browser to backend through POST request and put the data into a database. You are giving only an interface to the user by using HTML code, and the user is only putting information in that form. User doesn’t have direct access to the Database.
Our company is providing service for database connectivity. Our team has developers that have great experience in developing a database for our clients. They know all the coding and tools which is required to create the best Database. Our clients are using a database that is developed by our best developers. We provide you with fully secure and responsive Database for your website. We guide you on how a database works for your website.

Why database problem occurs?

There can be various reasons for which the database problem occurs. If your Database is developed by cheap developers, there are chances you face issues. The Database of a website should be formed by DBMS experts.

Here we will tell you why the database problem occurs.
Cheap Database designing
Not focusing on planning
Neglecting method normalization
Insufficient documentation
Doesn’t protect data integrity by using MySQL facilities
Storing field names as field values
Not focusing on testing the Database

If you want your website to mark save from such problems you can buy our services. We are here to resolve database errors. As we experienced in database problem fixing. We make sure that our client’s website database should be secure.

How to fix the database connection error?

First, let’s see why do database connection errors occur in the first place. It usually occurs because your PHP code is not connected with your MySQL server. Your website page can’t retrieve information from the Database.
Now let’s see how you can solve this database connection error.
You can go to repairing the Database. Check your login information on a database. You can also solve this problem. It is by creating a new database user account.

If you are facing database connection errors, don’t know how to solve you came to the right place. Our company helps you to solve database connection errors. We diagnose your website in every possible aspect. Our database problem solver team has excellent experience in solving database connection errors. Our team has the ability to detect connection problems in a short period of time.

What are WordPress database errors?

WordPress is used by many business owners for creating their website. However, WordPress websites can also face database errors. We will tell you about what WordPress database errors could be.
Database connection error one of the common errors
An error of internal server
Only displaying blank screen not showing any error message
Your sidebar is not displaying on the right or left side of your content
Showing message of connection timed out
404 Not Found Error

If you are facing these WordPress database errors, we are here to help you. Our company is in Houston and providing this service all over the world. Our team has the best WordPress developers. They know how to manages all kinds of WordPress database errors. Our team never disappoint our clients. Your problem will surly solve by our WordPress team. They will guide you to why you are facing database error.

How to fix WordPress database errors?

Above we have mentioned the errors which you can face while using the WordPress website. Here, we will tell you about how to fix WordPress database errors.

Database connection error one of the common mistakes: this error occurs when your login information is not valid. You can go to the wp-config.php file and check for correct login information.

An error of internal server: this error can be resolved by checking the files which are used to make URL’s pretty named as .htaccess file. You can also change your current theme to the built-in theme of WordPress to counter this error. You can also be facing this problem because maybe your site reached over the size limit set in your wp-config.php file. There may be a corrupt plugin that is installed on your WordPress website. Stop all plugins and check one by one which plugin was causing this issue.

Only displaying blank screen not showing any error message: you can set your WordPress on the debugging process. Through this, you will see actual the error. It is possible that your theme is crashed. You must change the theme to a built-in theme.

Your sidebar is not displaying on the right or left side of your content: this simple error may occur because there is some error in your HTML coding. You might forget tags in your HTML code. Or it can be solved by updating your current theme if it is available.

Showing a message of connection timed out: this error also occurs for a similar reason that WordPress doesn’t have the required memory. You can increase memory from the wp-config.php file.

404 Not Found Error: the main reason behind this error is .htaccess files. You can solve this issue by going on your admin panel of WordPress. And click on save changes on the Permalinks settings page.

Our company is here to help you to fix this issue in a short period. We have great skilled WordPress developers who are experts in problem-solving. Whatever issue you are facing at website our team has a solution for it. We can fix your WordPress website at the best price.

How can we help you to fix database errors?

We have hired developers who are specially experienced and certified in Database problem-solving. When we engage our employees, we give them different defected websites to fix them. We monitor their time for solving various problems related to Database.
When you reach us, we ask you to give access to your website Database and website. Our team debugs your Database what error your website is showing. Then when we understand the Database error, we proceed to fix that. We provide you with all kinds of help you need to fix your Database. Our experts guide you related to your Database problem. We always try to make sure you will never face that problem in the future.

What preventive measures you should take to avoid database errors?

You don’t only face Database connection errors. It may happen that website Database is attacked by hackers. Security measures is a must to secure your Website Database. We will now discuss the ways to prevent these Database errors.
You must enable security plugins on your website
Check for updates of your website
Use only themes and plugins which are recommended by experts
Uninstall plugins and items which are not in use for a long time
You should hire only certified Database developers
Regularly do maintenance of your Database

When you buy our services, we give a complete guide to avoiding Database errors. Our team provide you with comprehensive, documented files to prevent errors. We guarantee you that your customers’ data are safe and secure. Our clients completely trust us. We provide you with secure Database.

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Error in Database Connection

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Unable to Access Admin Area

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Syntax Error

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Memory Exhausted Error

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Corrupt .htaccess file

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Plugin issue

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PHP memory limit issues

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Core files issues

Turn Around Time:
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WordPress theme CSS issues

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White Screen of Death

Turn Around Time:
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