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Website Fixing and Maintenance Services

Emergency Website Repair Service for Malware and SEO. Insured & Satisfaction Guarantee. No upfront charge for errors identification and fixing website. On-demand website fixing services for as low as $35. Get your website errors fixed today by our local professional web developers. 

Website Repair Service

WordPress Website Repair, Migration, PHP, Errors Fixing

Small errors may include WP login error Error Establishing a Database Connection, Fixing White Screen of Death, 404, Broken layout, or login errors. Get instant website repair or fixing support to bring the website LIVE today. Need free consultation for Immediate website Fixing!

Website Migration,  Database Errors & Speed Optimization

WordPress website’s migration and related errors like site not working, phpMyAdmin issue, 500 Internal Server Error, SSL error or Database Connection error need immediate website repair support to make it LIVE. Need free consultation with Fixer!

Hacked Repair & Remove Malware Codes From Website

We are experienced in removing malware code from websites or redesigning hacked websites on an emergency basis securing website data. This is one of the major website errors that need to be fixed without any delay. Get a free consultation from an Expert website repair service provider!

Why FixWebsiteIssues?

Expert Website Fixer For Same Day Fastest Support

Free WordPress Checklists, instant SEO Report and Issues Fixing On Same Day.

Get help to fix my website with a free consultation now. Highly skilled website fixer and Certified SEO experts to diagnose websites errors or google ranking issues instantly. We are well experienced to fix websites designed in WordPress, E-Commerce, and other platforms. Secured support from a local Website Fixing Company at no deposit.

Fix Website With Errors

Fix My WordPress Website Today

Free Immediate Diagnosis and  Instant Quote for E-Commerce Website Issues, WordPress Small Errors, Migration, Speed Optimization, and SEO Errors.

Same Day Problem-Solving Services for any Website. Just reach us anytime at your convenience.

Tel: +1 (979) 250 7486, +1 (832) 266 7209


My Website Isn’t Showing Up On Google and Need Quick Fixes By Today.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the appearance and positioning of web pages in organic search results. Server, Databasebase, redesign, crawling, indexing errors may impact. Fix my website may become a concern and we can help you to fix SEO errors and rank the website properly at NO UPFRONT CHARGE.


Website Fixing Company.

Website repair services with skills for problem-solving at different Platforms.

Let us help you to grow your BUSINESS. Make Google My Business Page or Fix Google My Business Page Issues, Customise & Maintain the GMB Page. Get more calls from your local communities and redirect clients to your website as lead at NO COST. 


Our offices are located in Houston, Texas. We service the entire nation. Call or click the link below for a free consultation today.

Website Security

Free Backup & SEO Report

Reliable Support

Your sites security is our #1 priority.

Making it compatible With Today's Algorithm Standards.

Our fixing website services includes immediate report and quickest solution for website errros. Your website might be experiencing errors leaving you frustrated about your site’s performance. Forcing you to look for a professional Website Problem-solving team. Look no more, you have found the most reliable, affordable, and efficient service provider in the country for solving errors on an emergency basis.

Expert Developers For Web Solutions

Whether there are individual or multiple issues, your site will need to be diagnosed and fixed for a reasonable rate. That’s where we can help. Our developers fix website errors within Hours. Provide free Site Back-Up’s for the Website’s Data security. Located in Houston, Texas USA. We completely understand and respect your website’s privacy. We are here as the website solution provider, with on-demand support for your malfunctioning website. If your site is displaying redirection messages, having problems with the database or login errors due to PHP version updates contact us Today for an Urgent website repair service. We reactivate live web presence without any errors. 

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Website Repair Service for Design, SEO and Online visibility

We Optimize your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by fixing website errors, Repairing Business Page & Map Issues.

Website in LIVE With Less Visitors

SEO Issues or errors render your site as “invisible” to google or googles geo-locating algorithms. Which restricts and reduces your site’s rating. Contact us today for site optimization by clicking the free consultation link below.


Website Fixers With WordPress Support. 

Most of the common website errors can be fixed within 30 min to 45 min. While reaching us by email or over the phone, please provide a brief about the website issues, which will help us to carry an immediate diagnosis for an instant quote. No upfront charges for resolving common mistakes in eCommerce business websites. US-based Website repair service for WordPress issues or database connection errors. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Privacy protection for business websites. 

Fixing Broken Layouts, Plugin and Layout Issues

We build functional, responsive, error-free site code that runs perfectly across various screens and devices.

Hacked Website Repair, Malware Detection and Removal

Malware free optimized website is required for a better user experience. We fix errors for accessibility.

Fixing Full Site's Broken Layout, Plugin or Update Issue

We build functional, responsive, free from errors that perfectly run across various screens and devices.

We Optimize your sites SEO by fixing errors, Repairing Googles Business Page & Map.

SEO issues or non-availability of the website at Google or in MAP locally. Fix SEO Error for Online Presence

Fixing E-Commerce Website Issues: Pictures, Pricing CSS, Javascript

We effectively scan and remove malicious codes and malware from the website & database.

Error Establishing in Website Database Connection

We can successfully fix HTTPS errors, database errors in WordPress to run your site smoothly at all times.


Anxious with Fixing Common Website Errors When It’s Not Working.

Need Assistance from an Expert Website Repair Company!

The website might have some error resulting in a broken layout or coming up with an error message from a web hosting company or browser. The website might be taking excessive time while loading or expired security certificates error for SSL/ HTTPS. Our website fixers are equipped with skills required. Database connection for any website may also become interrupted for PHP version update or PHP memory limit and not allowing to do login. It’s often difficult to figure out how the fully functional website became the non-operational site, show redirection to other sites, or came up with 404 errors, de-ranked at google, and ultimately resulting in a reduced number of website visitors. In the case of WordPress websites, misconfiguration of WordPress plugins also results in layout issues. Now common concern for website users having the error is “how to fix it when the website is not working properly” and how to find a reliable website repair company working from the US to solve website problems maintaining website privacy and data security.

WevTEC Website Fixer For Emergency Website Issues Solution

Need Solution…

How to fix website errors?
How to fix a website that won’t load?
How to fix a website that won’t load?
How to fix a website that won’t load?

How to fix a website with blocked mixed content?
How to fix website appearing as text only?
How to fix website Speed and performance
How to fix wordpresss website migration issue

Fix 404 page error

EXAMPLE- How to Fix my website 404 Error when I have shared hosting?

Solution: The DNS zone was not resolved properly from our shared hosting DNS cluster. In this case, if we want to fix the have to add DNS, so now it should be working properly. The DNS zone for the domain name needs to be synchronized successfully. Often, it needs up to 30 minutes for the change to take effect.

Website Repair Company That can Fix Website Issues With 100% Satisfaction.

We are a top-notch web development and WordPress technical support company, specializing in Hacked Websites, Malicious Code Repair, and Malware Removal. Our Website Repair team Specializes in WordPress Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Application Development and WordPress regular maintenance. Established in 2013, we have successfully helped hundreds of clients with their website issues. Let us help you today.

Have website Emergency? We are your Solution for Fixing Websites Containing Issues

Serving as an emergency website repair company, we can can assist clients nationwide. Our office is in Houston, Texas. Maintenance is a must to keep your Website active, and running at top speed. At WevTech we know how imperative it is to have a strong web presence. If you’re experiencing problems with your site, contact us and our emergency support staff will provide a detailed report of what needs to be fixed. We are available 24/7 with affordable prices and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No deposit or upfront charges to diagnose your sites issues. We proudly serve the entire United States of America.


 Optimize Your Sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Today REMOVING ALL ERRORS.

Be confident in knowing that when we are involved, your site will perform at maximum potential through our powerful SEO Optimization services. Whether code-related, SEO, or Online marketing errors exist. Our complete team is here to help. We are Technologically sound and have served many clients.

Please feel free to check our credentials by reviewing this list of satisfied customers. (***Provide link for the potential customer to do so here***) In addition to Website Design and Error Repairs, our team is Very Experienced at Google’s My Business Page Optimization, On-Page SEO, local business ranking in Google Maps, and Malware Removal. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff instill confidence in our clients.

You are dealing with EXPERTS

We maintain valid standard certifications from Google Analytics Academy, including Advanced Google Analytics, Google Ads- Measurement Certification, Google Shopping Ads Certification, Google Ads Search Certification, Google Ads Video Certification, Google Ads Display Certification, The Fundamental of Digital Marketing, and Digital Marketing-SEMrush Certifications. Being a website repair service provider, we ensure our techniques will Optimize your site’s SEO. If you’re looking for an expert to solve website errors, while maintaining company privacy, look no further. Malware Removal, Hacked Websites, and sites with Errors is our area of expertise. Service, Security, and Speed with prices that fit your budget.

Need Professional Website Maintenance Services for Website updating, monitoring, backups, and technical support on a regular and emergency basis only at $50/ Monthly.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime. Learn More…

Common Question In Terms of WordPress Website Errors Requires Fixing Services.

Experiencing issues or needing technical support when the website experiencing login error or website not working properly for Database errors.

Let’s discuss the frequently asked issues that we are requested to solve:

1. How to fix a website when it is not loading?

2. How to fix a website when it has been broken when updating the PHP version.

3. Website layout is broken, how to fix the website.

4. How to fix a website when there is an error in log in?

5. How to fix the website when its pages or post are not showing up?

06.  Has the issue of insecurity, how to fix the website?

Most site errors are repaired for as little as $35.00 in just a few hours.

E-Commerce Common Errors Fixing Within Hours.

Here is a small list of common Easy fix errors.
– E-Commerce Errors.
– WordPress database connection errors.
– Broken Layouts.
– PHP version updates


Best Price For Fixing Website Small Issues.


Secure WordPress Websites Fixing Service Along with Regular Maintenance.

WordPress Website needs a regular update. Flexibility and adaptability made WordPress most popular to nearly one-third of the world’s website users. For small business owners to a large corporation, a WordPress website is used for easy functionality and responsiveness.

Get SSL/ HTTPS Errors Fixed Today!

As with other platforms, WordPress users experience errors like broken layout, HTTPS errors once the certificate expires. Plugins error when there is an update for WordPress version update. WordPress website’s logging errors or error establishing database connection is quite often issues, as we have noticed. When it is an E-Commerce website, pricing or plugin errors also may occur. WordPress websites can be handled quite easily; however, when business owners face time issues or prefer to fix WordPress website errors with an expert hand or experience website fixing company, we are available 24/7 to assist for fix an issue or website fixing in hours. Most of the WordPress errors can be solved within a couple of hours.

Most of the common WordPress problems come under the following errors. These mostly take 30 min to 2 hours to solve, unless there are any other complex errors.

  • HTTPS installation and Fixing SSL mixed content errors need to fix the issue.
  • Lost admin password & email retrieval is not functioning and may require website fixers.
  • The WP-admin dashboard is not displaying properly. Hide Errors on the WP Login screen
  • Images are gone and are showing broken image placeholders. Fixing the website’s broken layout.

Our Web Support Projects in Numbers.

Clients trust in our themes and plugin solutions.


Lines of code are written per website on average.

Websites we maintain on behalf of our clients.

Minutes of online training recorded.

Latest Publications on Website Common Errors / Workshops.

All About SEO and its Impact on Digital Marketing

All About SEO and its Impact on Digital Marketing

In modern business time if you go with traditional business concepts, will it be fruitful? With regular technological new inventions, our habits, culture, and standard of living are changing. At the same time business concepts, practices, and theories are modified...

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Increase your site’s Ranking by Fixing SEO Issues & Web Functionality.

The Key Concepts. Must Read It Prior Planning for Website Design or SEO Agency or Asking to Fix Website Error

Well Maintained Website for Small Business. Online web presence starts with planning a modern, responsive custom website.

A Well Maintained Website is essential for a Small Business. Great Online web presence starts with planning a modern, responsive, custom website. Today, CMS based WordPress websites are very popular because they can be easily customized. Contact us today and we will share with you a few tips to help you improve your sites SEO.

Website Need Visitors for Small Business Survival. Administrator Needs to How to Fix Website Errors.

Web traffic is essential for a Small Businesses Survival. Contact us today. We will review your sites content. Ensure that all of the services you provide are predominantly featured in your SEO, making your site more visible to users in a google search.

How SEO is linked with Website Design and Survival Issues.
It is all about Marketing and Presentation. Once the website will be well presented to Search Engines like Google and Bing, the website will be ranked among the competitors. [read More]Web Technology, this presentation should be maintained through proper steps. Two new terms come in front of website owners. Website Optimization falls under on-page optimization and off-page optimization categories. For example, if you are operating the business in Houston or cypress or say in any place of Woodlands or Richmond. The website should be optimized in terms of tags, content, speed and again, should be read for off-page so that people can find you so easily when search by related keywords adding like website designer in Houston, Houston best website designer, SEO agency in Houston or SEO service in Texas, or best SEO service providers. Now the questions coming what are the keywords relevant for my business.
What is my website’s domain authority, page authority, loading speed performance?
When the website google ranking issue comes, then many factors work behind. On-page optimization, off-page optimization, Google My Business page optimization, Google Mapping, etc. We use hundreds of techniques to do the above. Website Audit starts with key points check, to see what is on-page status. What are the areas that need to be touched?

It’s always easy to make an optimized website rather than rebuilding an old website. Developers have their own view and each developer uses his own ideas while using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP or CMS. Websites Analysis, Keyword Research, Competitor’s website analysis, On-page optimization, Off-Page SEO (link building), High authority Dofollow backlinks on High DA/PA sites.

Website’s current status or plan for a professional SEO agency.
Selecting any company for optimized website design. We have many interesting experiences. When online presence is a must after COVID-19 and also in areas like Houston, Austin, Dallas, where public transport facility is not available at that level or people mostly drive a long way to reach any destination or to find any location. It can be similar to any place of the world with similar nature.

Business owners spend are ready to make payment of rent, staff salary, electricity, etc for $2000 to $3000 or more but always gives second or third or fifth though, when the issue comes as to whether I really need optimized SEO for the website. A simple question to ask. Whether my website is showing in Google First Page when anyone searching for my related service in Google. Never check that at your desktop or mobile. If you want to do that then clear your browser’s cache on a mobile device. Otherwise, proper results will not come. The answer will come automatically in front of you.[/read]

How I can come to know that my website has been infected by bugs or has been hacked. When I need to hire an expert for website malware removal.
This is quite a frequent issue that any website may experience. When anyone opens the website in Google Chrome or any other browser, it may show a warning when visiting the Website. Something like “the site ahead may contain malware. In many cases, hacks are often invisible to users. But yet may remain harmful to anyone viewing the page.

Sometimes, you may receive notifications from hosting providers, browsers, and more. Recently, we noticed for a client’s website, it can as www.XXXX//cgi-sys/suspended page.cgi. In WordPress hacked websites, critical site files, like your .htaccess and .php files, can be ultimate destinations for hackers to place malware therein. 24/7 hacked website repair service is active form Houston for Nationwide. We always dedicate time to repair the malware-infected websites real quick as everyone wants to see their website running well.
Website Maintenance is required always so that someone is there for taking care hacked website or Fixing Errors for smooth Business operations.
The website often requires many services related to Update, Malware Removal, Installation, Database Errors Fixing, Adding WooCommerce Products, Plugin Installation, Adding Blog posts, Theme Customization, Fixing small technical issues.

Maintenance Support on a Regular or Emergency Basis.

Regular Maintenance Support

A start-up business website design may come with Home Page, Services, About Us, Contact. The first issue will come, how to integrate the contact form7. API of Google Map. To secure the site, you should have SSL. This may result in some errors and mostly people search in Google for HTTP error uploading image WordPress,  WordPress HTTP error when uploading the image, Broken layout issue when are doing edit or there are updates for theme and plugins but you have forgotten that.

We often have seen people searching in huge volume with WordPress error HTTP 500, the site is experiencing technical difficulties, or the site is experiencing technical difficulties WordPress. These are the prime technical issues, you may face. You may also consult WordPress literature for plugin issues. How to fix my website, is always a concern. Now if we talk about functionality or time issues, then it is always wise to have some experts at a reasonable price for secured service, like us as we know all about website issues and how to fix the errors.

Commong Questions for Website Errors

Why do I need a website in 2020?  how to increase website traffic through google? What are the most common website problems and how to fixing them? How do I fix website errors?
How can I check website ranking?  How is my website performing on Google? How to fix a website? Why is my business not showing on Google search? How do I get my business to show up on Google search? Why do some businesses show up on Google Maps? How do I get my business listed higher on Google? Ways to Improve Visibility in Google Maps? Why my website showing errors? How to get technical support for Hacked Website Repair?


Website Reapir Service Serving Nationwide.

WevTEC is registered in Texas with the commitment to serve small business and eCommerce, business owners. Whether it is  CRM system or a woo-commerce site in Florida. Or You are experiencing website issues in Georgia or Alabama. We are always on standby to fix your website errors. It doesn’t matter whether you are facing database errors or PhP function errors from California or Arizona, our team can track your errors just after having the URL for the website. We use MOZ and Nilpatel applications to identify your website errors or ranking if there is any issue to solve your website ranking problem. We are always available with popular keywords like fix my website, how to fix my website, or fixing website errors and always available in all states of the US.