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Choosing the right digital agency plays a vital role in achieving your business goals. If you wish to start, grow, and scale your business, here are some of the reasons why WEVTEC Fixing Issues is your perfect partner.

WEVTEC Fixing Website Issues is a trusted web development, digital marketing, and website Fixing company operated from Houston, Austin and Dallas, with partners in New York, and Florida. Our company has been operating for more than 10 years now, serving both startup businesses, SMEs, and large companies with their web design and online marketing needs. With a team of highly trained and experienced web experts, our goal is to help you start, grow, and scale your business online. You need to depend on us for a complete business website solution.

We offer a comprehensive list of web solutions tailor-fitted according to the individual requirements and concerns of our clients. From web design to SEO to site maintenance and bug fixes. We are local in the USA and can act to optimize your SEO and Google my business page as your local SEO agency.

Hacked website repair service or Malware Removal Services are operated by Houston Web Design and Austin Web Development team ensuring your website privacy.

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We have the right people, tools, and technology to fulfill your fixing requests, especially once a request comes for hacked website repair or malware removal from the website. Even fixing issues from WordPress website or fixes errors in an E-Commerce website for pricing or updating images.

Our proven track record, combined with our vast portfolio of successful projects and our unparalleled technical capabilities, makes us the top choice of clients for website design and digital marketing.


    • We fix website issues, diagnose website errors. remove malware form website and repair hacked website within 6 hours to 48 hours, based on clients’ requirements.
    • We provide a wide range of website design and marketing solutions. From web design and development to content marketing and SEO, we can create the most effective actionable plans and strategies for your website needs.
  • We build highly functional, optimized, and responsive websites that can be viewed perfectly using different devices and on various screen sizes.
  • We possess a creative flair in web designs and strategic marketing solutions. We turn innovative ideas into actual products and campaigns.
  • We’re not your typical web design agency. Apart from designing and marketing, we are also experts in fixing a long list of website issues. From a hacked database to malware infections to slow web page loading, we have the right tools and knowledge to address any of your concerns.
  • We work with clients side by side. We take time to understand your business, brand guidelines, and web requirements in order for us to create the perfect blueprint that matches your preferences and surpasses your expectations.

Website Fixing team are ready to support 24/7 to keep your sound online presence, run a website without any interruption.

Website Solution Made Easy.

Need Fixer When WordPress Website Comes With Broken Layout or Login Errors.

Well-identified website’s small Errors often guide proper ways as regards how to fix website problems rather than moving for a website repair company. Business owners or website administrators often experience different types of issues irrespective to the platform of the website.  Online presence needs a website to be repaired to keep the search engine ranking. Users may need fixers for different types of errors like 400 Errors, 500 Errors, Website’s Server related errors, database errors, PHP related errors, Plugin Errors, Browser related error. 404 to 499 are HTTP client errors. In most of the cases, errors are minor and can be fixed with little knowledge of WordPress, PHP, C-Panel. WordPress users face HTTPS errors, media file uploading errors, database connection errors while trying to do login and need urgent website fixing service. When uploading an image, may face errors with “File exceeds the upload_max_filesize” when fixer needs to Increase PHP Memory. Might be server has Your server may have mod_security. During the website repair process, you may try disabling the mod security to fix the problem. often .htaccess file in your wp-admin directory needs to be checked for codes.

Errors may come related to WordPress file corruption or plugin issues. In the case of an e-commerce website, may come with pricing updating errors. Troubleshooting the right website errors helps to solve any website problem by more than 50% and the remaining requires technical expertise for the website fixes. While browsing the website, the screen may come with errors like “IP address could not be found..DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. This issue is related to the nameservers. It will require the respective domain to be synchronized with the Hosting package. So just need to change the DNS or contact with hosting provider to fix an issue. No need website fixer service for this type of errors. So understanding the website issues is almost like half step in repairing the website.


Expert Engagement in Web & Marketing Solutions. 

As experts in web design and marketing, we offer a comprehensive and full-service solution tailored to your business needs.

SEO Online Marketing

Want to build a stronger web presence for your brand? We provide branding, SEO, and social media marketing services.
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Website Content

No time or resources to write your own content? Let our professional writers handle your content writing for you.
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Web Hosting

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Expert WP Support

Quickest  Solution for WordPress Hosting & Database Errors.

We are available to help you when you facing such issues. Especially when you are looking for an expert website fixing company for Hacked Website Repair, Fixing Websites, PHP version update errors, Login error,s or Issues in Establishing Database Connection. Most of the small business websites are built in WordPress. It is an open-source content management system. Most affordable and easy to customize. It just requires smart website maintenance services for an active online presence with optimized speed and performance. With little knowledge on Domain, Website Hosting and Dashboard Management will help anyone to take control over the website. No need for extra hassle for maintenance. You can create any type of WordPress website using premade free layouts. As we always talk about errors in the website or fixing website error issues, Fix WordPress website Errors or malware in the website or solving errors establishing a database connection. Now questions may come what are the difficulties you may face in the WordPress website errors and how to overcome those.

WevTEC is proud to serve clients experiencing website issues from all  states of USA mostly from Florida, Georgia, Arizona, New Maxico, Montana, New York, California, Alabama, Texas and more.

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