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We are serving clients nationwide experiencing low visibility on Google with 100% satisfaction. A non-indexed site, slow load times, or poor rankings can significantly curtail visitor engagement and conversions. If your GT Matrix report is graded B or C, or you face challenges with indexing and ad conversions, it’s a call to action. Elevate your digital visibility with Wevtec. Let’s bring your website to the forefront of search results, boosting traction and enhancing user experiences.

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Whether you’re facing website errors, SEO nightmares, or a full-blown hack, our expert website fixers are ready to spring into action – at no upfront charge

Performance-Based Search Engine Optimization Service.

A monthly or yearly  SEO report is not enough if your website is well optimized and visitors don’t find it on the first page of a search engine. There is no other alternative if you are not concerned about the followings-

⇔Website On-Page Optimization

⇔Website Off-Page Optimization

⇔Website SEO Maintenance

Every website needs to be well optimized complying with the search engine policies. SEO optimized website easily gets ranking in Google or Bing. Bring more visitors to the website and more clients. That’s the simple mathematics for online-based business and marketing. There is no value in keeping a website if it is not optimized and probable clients don’t find your website in Google First Page or if your website is not running properly. You need to get help from an expert for search engine optimization to fix website issues related to existing SEO issues to make it more effective. Local businesses also need a well-optimized google business page.  If visitors don’t find you also in Google Map when you are carrying out business locally, may be within a 20 to 50 miles radius. It is always recommended to Improve your local ranking on Google if you really need to drive clients towards your business.

We are well experienced in this industry and want to assure you our best professional team to fix your website SEO errors, carrying our on-page optimization and off-page optimization i.e. you will receive complete search engine optimization from our search engine optimizer team members dedicated to your website.


We can optimize your website, whatever is your location. We analyse your competitor’s online strength based on the ZIP Code and area or state. Provide you report before starting our search engine optimization work. We are local for your local areas in all states of USA.

To reach one of the top positions in the search result pages (SERPs) of Google, Bing and other search engines, you can place advertisements. However, this is relatively expensive and costs you money per click. The goal of search engine optimization—often called SEO for short, is to reach the top places without advertising. SEO copywriting by our authors can help you get there.

The expert distinguishes between On-page and Off-page optimization. On-page optimization should receive a lot of attention right from the outset. First, the website operator and the agency agree on certain keywords. These are terms that the customer is likely to enter when searching for the services or products of the site operator.

Regional keywords may also have to be taken into account. If you run a bakery in Houston, you should specify “Houston Bakery” as one of your keywords. Otherwise, you might receive clicks from customers in Florida who will not generate any sales. Therefore, we must take a regional or supraregional scope into account. Before we begin with the page creation or redesign, we define the keywords together with you if desired. It is important that these appear in a certain frequency on the page.

Search Engine Optimization

Why Website Needs to be Optimized

Every Website needs to be optimized. After optimizing the Website, it ranks faster. Website optimization is necessary because it helps visitors to visit the correct Website according to their needs. There are different types of optimization which are done for different kinds of Website. When your Website is optimized, and visitors get what they want, it brings more traffic and subscribers to your Website. We are Houston based company and serving clients at all states of USA. We become local to serve your business.

If someone had an e-commerce website selling clothes, they could use conversion rate optimization. Through optimization business websites can generate more revenue.

Through optimization search engine knows more about your website pages. It is important to optimize each page of your Website uniquely. On the Website, keywords play an important to optimize because they tell what visitors want. While optimizing your Website, you need to put meta tags on a website that is invisible to a user. Meta tags help search engines. It works to understand about a webpage.

  • Your Website should be optimized to get rank
  • If your Website gives correct information, it brings more traffic
  • Optimizations help you to grow your business
  • Meta tags and keywords are important for website optimization


It is so important for developers to develop and design a website that is SEO friendly. SEO help website to index in Google and other search engines’ database. By applying SEO techniques on your Website, it helps you to rank your Website to the first page. Search engines like Google, or if you have a channel or a page, then on YouTube, and Facebook. Without SEO your Website, it will not appear on searches. Through SEO, you can bring traffic to your Website, which will be free and original traffic.

  • SEO is the elements for your Website.
  • It helps in ranking your Website.
  • Better rank, better the traffic to your Website.

Search Engine Optimization is best-desired words for Website Marketing. It is shortly known as SEO. SEO is used to increase valuable traffic to the Website. Through SEO, websites become more visible to users.

In this article, you will learn these following things:


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites
  • Why the Website needs to be optimized
  • Process of optimization (on-page and off-page optimization)
  • WordPress website optimization
  • Website ranking at google
  • Google’s factors for search engine optimization

Process of optimization: 

Website optimization importance increases from time to time. Also, the process of search engine optimization changes with time. Nowadays, SEO becomes more complicated and can be done more technically. Today, all website developers use these methods to optimize the Website. These methods are:

  1. On-Page Optimization
  2. Off-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization: 

In on-page optimization, developers perform all methods of on-site so that it will rank in the right position. On-Page optimization is used to rank a webpage on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Performing more on-page optimization brings a great amount of traffic to your Website. Houston SEO team is always active to serve.

Using on-page optimization to optimize a webpage is useful. There are different technical angles which can be done with on-page optimization of a webpage like URL, headings, Meta tags.

Off-Page Optimization:

Off-page SEO is a total game of backlinks on the Website. People use to buy spam backlinks and fill their websites with them. Now it is not good practice to buy such backlinks. It can’t rank you in search engines. Now you must put authentic backlinks using off-page optimization.

If you have several backlinks on your Website, it will rank on the first page of the search engine. However, it needs to be from an authentic site. Huge amounts of backlinks are not important, however quality of backlinks matters.

  • Optimization can be done through On-page and Off-page
  • The On-page ranking is done to rank your Website on SERP
  • Spam links do not help you to rank your Website
  • Only backlinks from an authentic website will help you to rank your Website

WordPress Website Optimization:

If your Website takes extraordinary time to load, then it will surely decrease the traffic. People will quit your Website before it loads. To boost-up the speed of your WordPress website, you need to do SEO work. After performing optimization, your site will also rank in search engine.

Different tips can be followed to decrease the webpage load time.

These tips can be:

  1. right hosting plans
  2. a good and fast WordPress themes
  3. only necessary plugins
  4. delete pingbacks and postbacks
  5. optimize the size of the images
  6. don’t use official share buttons
  7. use Gzip compression
  8. combining CSS and Js files by using php5
  9. allow browser cache
  10. use of a content delivery network (CDN)
  • if your Website takes load time more than usual, it reduces your website traffic
  • In order to bring more traffic, Website should do optimization
  • these tips will help you to decrease the load time of your Website

Website ranking at Google:

After learning SEO, now we will see website ranking at Google. Your mind starts thinking about how Google does this ranking process. It is simple, and Google use spiders (bots) which crawls to webpages. Much simple way to understand this that these bot’s visit websites. After visiting the Website, it stores accurate, optimized pages to Google’s index database. And then when we search on Google, it provides the most similar results on its first page.

However, it is not only the competition of keywords, but you must also create quality content. The information for the Website must be authentic. Google while indexing the content it checks for the:

  1. Quality content
  2. Amount of content
  3. Reason of a webpage
  4. Amount of time user spending on the webpage
  • Google uses spider’s bots to rank your Website
  • Spider bots visit every page of your Website
  • Quality of your content should not be compromised

Google’s factors for search engine optimization:

If you search on Google about Google’s factors for SEO, you will find different numbers of factors. However, no one is sure about how many factors Google is using for SEO. However, here we will tell you about those factors on which most of the SEO specialists agree on. These factors are also useful beginners.

  • Safe and Secure Website: You must use the right type of URL for your Website. It must be something that can easily reachable to Google’s spider crawl.
  • Page Load time: This is prime factors for your Website. Your Website must load faster, and there should not be any delay. It increase user experience. Your Website must load fast on desktop as well as on mobile. Google has updated its policy regarding the load time of the webpage on mobile.
  • Mobile-Friendly Website: today, people mostly do internet surfing on mobile devices. Mobile devices are different in sizes and shapes. Your Website should be mobile-friendly. Means your Website must be responsive to every size of the screen. You must design your Website properly so that it automatically fits itself. Your Website must contain fonts that can be read easily on mobile screens.
  • Website Domain: it is good to have an exact domain name according to the business you are running. You can find some domain that does not contain strong signals. It is proven that domains that are registered for more than a year are boosted more quickly. Your domain history also plays an important role to get your Website ranked. If you are using domain which was penalized in the past can affect your Website in the ranking. It is also known that if you use your country extensions in your domain, it also helps a website to get ranked.
  • Content Optimizing: we have talked about content optimizing before. It is so much important that content should be optimized for ranking. Searchers search for particular keywords in the browser, and you must use important and common keywords that can be used by searchers.

Content must be unique. You can’t copy-paste content from another website. SEO specialist provides focus keywords to content writers. The keywords must be used as it is; there should be no changes to keywords.

  • The right type of URL should be used for your Website
  • Your Website must load faster, and there should be no delay
  • Always make your Website mobile responsive
  • Always use domain name similar to your business you are running
  • You must put unique content on your Website there should be no copy-paste.

Social Media Marketing

Your marketing gateway to the world.

Social media has become an integral part of the marketing world. Facebook, Twitter, and Co. have brought about a fundamental change in media usage in recent years. Today, business people and advertisers can no longer escape this trend. Many customers today expect a presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yelp and other networks.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate new leads
  • Grow revenue (by increasing signups or sales)
  • Boost brand engagement
  • Build a community around your business
  • Provide social customer service
  • Increase mentions in the press
  • Listen to conversations about your brand
Search engine optimization

Increase your site’s Ranking by Fixing SEO Issues & Web Functionality.

The Key Concepts. Must Read It Prior Planning for Website Design or SEO Agency or Asking to Fix Website Error

Well Maintained Website for Small Business. Online web presence starts with planning a modern, responsive custom website.

A Well Maintained Website is essential for a Small Business. Great Online web presence starts with planning a modern, responsive, custom website. Today, CMS based WordPress websites are very popular because they can be easily customized. Contact us today and we will share with you a few tips to help you improve your sites SEO.

Website Need Visitors for Small Business Survival. Administrator Needs to How to Fix Website Errors.

Web traffic is essential for a Small Businesses Survival. Contact us today. We will review your sites content. Ensure that all of the services you provide are predominantly featured in your SEO, making your site more visible to users in a google search.

How SEO is linked with Website Design and Survival Issues.
It is all about Marketing and Presentation. Once the website will be well presented to Search Engines like Google and Bing, the website will be ranked among the competitors. [read More]Web Technology, this presentation should be maintained through proper steps. Two new terms come in front of website owners. Website Optimization falls under on-page optimization and off-page optimization categories. For example, if you are operating the business in Houston or cypress or say in any place of Woodlands or Richmond. The website should be optimized in terms of tags, content, speed and again, should be read for off-page so that people can find you so easily when search by related keywords adding like website designer in Houston, Houston best website designer, SEO agency in Houston or SEO service in Texas, or best SEO service providers. Now the questions coming what are the keywords relevant for my business.
What is my website’s domain authority, page authority, loading speed performance?
When the website google ranking issue comes, then many factors work behind. On-page optimization, off-page optimization, Google My Business page optimization, Google Mapping, etc. We use hundreds of techniques to do the above. Website Audit starts with key points check, to see what is on-page status. What are the areas that need to be touched?

It’s always easy to make an optimized website rather than rebuilding an old website. Developers have their own view and each developer uses his own ideas while using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP or CMS. Websites Analysis, Keyword Research, Competitor’s website analysis, On-page optimization, Off-Page SEO (link building), High authority Dofollow backlinks on High DA/PA sites.

Website’s current status or plan for a professional SEO agency.
Selecting any company for optimized website design. We have many interesting experiences. When online presence is a must after COVID-19 and also in areas like Houston, Austin, Dallas, where public transport facility is not available at that level or people mostly drive a long way to reach any destination or to find any location. It can be similar to any place of the world with similar nature.

Business owners spend are ready to make payment of rent, staff salary, electricity, etc for $2000 to $3000 or more but always gives second or third or fifth though, when the issue comes as to whether I really need optimized SEO for the website. A simple question to ask. Whether my website is showing in Google First Page when anyone searching for my related service in Google. Never check that at your desktop or mobile. If you want to do that then clear your browser’s cache on a mobile device. Otherwise, proper results will not come. The answer will come automatically in front of you.[/read]

How I can come to know that my website has been infected by bugs or has been hacked. When I need to hire an expert for website malware removal.
This is quite a frequent issue that any website may experience. When anyone opens the website in Google Chrome or any other browser, it may show a warning when visiting the Website. Something like “the site ahead may contain malware. In many cases, hacks are often invisible to users. But yet may remain harmful to anyone viewing the page.

Sometimes, you may receive notifications from hosting providers, browsers, and more. Recently, we noticed for a client’s website, it can as www.XXXX//cgi-sys/suspended page.cgi. In WordPress hacked websites, critical site files, like your .htaccess and .php files, can be ultimate destinations for hackers to place malware therein. 24/7 hacked website repair service is active form Houston for Nationwide. We always dedicate time to repair the malware-infected websites real quick as everyone wants to see their website running well.
Website Maintenance is required always so that someone is there for taking care hacked website or Fixing Errors for smooth Business operations.
The website often requires many services related to Update, Malware Removal, Installation, Database Errors Fixing, Adding WooCommerce Products, Plugin Installation, Adding Blog posts, Theme Customization, Fixing small technical issues.

Maintenance Support on a Regular or Emergency Basis.

Regular Maintenance Support

A start-up business website design may come with Home Page, Services, About Us, Contact. The first issue will come, how to integrate the contact form7. API of Google Map. To secure the site, you should have SSL. This may result in some errors and mostly people search in Google for HTTP error uploading image WordPress,  WordPress HTTP error when uploading the image, Broken layout issue when are doing edit or there are updates for theme and plugins but you have forgotten that.

We often have seen people searching in huge volume with WordPress error HTTP 500, the site is experiencing technical difficulties, or the site is experiencing technical difficulties WordPress. These are the prime technical issues, you may face. You may also consult WordPress literature for plugin issues. How to fix my website, is always a concern. Now if we talk about functionality or time issues, then it is always wise to have some experts at a reasonable price for secured service, like us as we know all about website issues and how to fix the errors.

Commong Questions for Website Errors

Why do I need a website in 2020?  how to increase website traffic through google? What are the most common website problems and how to fixing them? How do I fix website errors?
How can I check website ranking?  How is my website performing on Google? How to fix a website? Why is my business not showing on Google search? How do I get my business to show up on Google search? Why do some businesses show up on Google Maps? How do I get my business listed higher on Google? Ways to Improve Visibility in Google Maps? Why my website showing errors? How to get technical support for Hacked Website Repair?