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Website Maintenance Services

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Website Maintenance Service is one of our specialized professional service designed to serve small business owners. This service includes website maintenance, updating the website as well as maintaining their marketing tools like Google My Business or Social Media.

Technology changing quite frequently and our team is equipped with the update. We know how to keep you active at online, how to make sure your strong presence and make you discoverable to all at your local community. Your business privacy and data are our most concern and we will keep that secret. We never onpass or sell any data or email address or never engage ourself in Email Marketing. We believe in organic search, the way you reached us and want to make sure that your website is well maintained and reachable to all.

Proper maintenance will not keep your website only active, it will make sure that your website loading time is fast and plugins are updated. We also keep backup of your website so that website is always running. Hackers are always active and many websites become hacked all over the USA every year. Once we are maintaining your website at the affordable plant or packages and at affordable cost, your website is secured. 

Every business owners have a budget. We always try to provide a special service at affordable packages. We plan the cost based on our engagement. Hourly we charge $50.00 and if we hired by hours. When small business comes for our promotion offer, they are enjoying the best service within a comparable charge plan. 


Website Maintenance Service + Website Loading Performance/ Monthly Basis

Update, Maintenance of Website + Loading Performance to ensure smooth performance
Charge Range: $150  Free Consultation

Website Maintenance Service + Website Performance +Digital Marketing Package / Monthly Basis

Update, Maitaince, Google My Business Maintenance and Social Media Presence Maintainance
Charge Range: $550  Free Consultation

Website Maintenance Service + Digital Marketing Package +SEO/ Monthly Basis

Update, Maitaince, Google My Business Maintenance and Social Media Presence Maintainance + Website SEO
Charge Range: $750  Free Consultation

WordPress Maintenance

Maintenance work and maintenance contract for WP

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world and inherently secure. However, due to its widespread use, WordPress is also particularly vulnerable to attacks and hacker attacks. As a rule, known security gaps are promptly closed by WordPress core developers and plugin developers. However, you only enjoy this security if you regularly update your website and keep an eye on possible WordPress security gaps.

As soon as you miss the latest updates or do not install them in time, there is an increased risk for your WordPress installation. Occasionally, known vulnerabilities are quickly exploited, and your website may be vulnerable because of missing updates.

We not only update your website but also offer a complete maintenance concept including daily cloud backups, security scans, performance / uptime monitoring, and many other services.

What’s Includes


Malware & Security

We scan your website daily for malware and other security-related issues. That enables us to quickly respond to threats and to protect you.

Daily Cloud Backups

Daily to hourly backups of your website on secure AWS servers. In the worst case, we can restore your website with just a few clicks. That way you can sleep peacefully.

SEO Keyword Monitoring

Monitor and track the development of your keywords in Google. That way you can better evaluate your SEO strategy and react quickly to possible changes. Because your keyword ranking is valuable.


We update WordPress and plugins at least once a month or as soon as we hear of security-relevant updates.

Fix Website Issues

Quick help with any problem: white page, wrong display, virus attack, connection problems and much more.

Responsive Web Design

Professional Responsive Web Design, customized for all relevant Smartphones and Tablets from your agency in Huston, USA.

If you are the do-it-yourself type and would like to install your updates yourself, our monitoring package is the right one for you. We create regular backups for you and keep you up to date on possible security problems.
Critical emergency? WordPress Fixing Website Issues.

We want to help you to concentrate on your core business activities by managing the monthly WordPress maintenance for you. On request, in addition to maintenance services, we can also help you with the continued development of your WordPress website.

We offer our services to commercial customers who, for example, run blogs, company websites or online shops (WooCommerce) based on WordPress and require support with WordPress maintenance.

Are no suitable standard solutions available? We are looking forward to getting in contact with you and would be happy to submit a customized offer for your WordPress website(s).

Individual work:

 Adaptations to the theme of the page, set up of additional plugins, development of plugins or performance optimization may be part of a maintenance package or can be ordered separately.

Here you can find an overview of all the services that we as WordPress developers and programmers can perform for you.

What is Website Maintenance and why is it important for Online Business

If you are running a small or large online business, website maintenance is required for both. However, let us see what website maintenance is? Why is it important? 

Think of a vehicle or house it needs maintenance monthly or yearly. Similarly, the website also needs maintenance. You put investment in it and hire content writers to write on your website, so it needs to be well-maintained and keep running. The website is not something that you built once, and it keeps running similarly. It needs maintenance monthly or yearly. We will tell you in this article why you must do maintenance and its importance.

Why is Website maintenance service required?

There are so many reasons that website maintenance is required. It is so important for your business. If your website is not well-structured, there will be low traffic on your website. Let’s discuss the key points of why website maintenance is required. 

  1. Your website security improves
  2. Your website will receive organic traffic
  3. User experience gets better

You are running the website, and it needs maintenance? We are always available to you. Our company is based in Houston, which provides website maintenance. We provide the best maintenance services for a website. We give you a fully well-structured website. Your website will be in better shape when we have done our maintenance work. 

Why need a WordPress Website Maintenance service?

In the early years, websites were so simple and easy to maintain. We develop websites only with HTML and CSS code. After launching the website, there is no need for maintenance. However, nowadays, websites are getting more difficult to maintain and develop. So, the WordPress website needs to run smoothly to gain traffic. Maintain a WordPress site is important because it improves site security and speed. Not only that, but regular maintenance can also rank your website as your website becomes fast. A WordPress website that doesn’t get maintenance will start to lose speed. As a result, there will be a high bounce rate. Your site visitors don’t wait until your site load completely. Users like to visit a website that is fast and well-maintained.

Our company provides quality maintenance of a WordPress site. We have the best WordPress maintenance, developers. They will give you a secure and optimized website. We are available 24/7 for clients. We give the opportunity to clients to tell us what they need. We work in a professional way. 


What should be included in a standard website maintenance package?

So, this is obvious that you need website maintenance. Now, you will be thinking about what should be included in a standard website maintenance package? And what plans should you choose? We are here to help you. We will tell you what things should be included in a standard website maintenance package. And what plans are beneficial for your business. 

There are different packages and plans which companies are providing for website maintenance. First, let’s see what the three plans you should choose to maintain your website are.

  1. Hourly Plans: in this plan, you have to on an hourly basis. It is good for those businesses which don’t want regular updates. 
  2. Monthly plans: in this plan, you have to pay every month to the company. It is a good plan to choose from. It helps your website to remain up-to-date and secure. Your user will always get a good experience.
  3. Day-Night plans: this plan is for those big firms which need their website 24/7 monitored. In this plan, your website is checked day and night.

Now, let’s see what standard package should include. Standard packages may vary from company to company. However, these are important things that your maintenance package must include.

  1. Updating websites
  2. Generating security reports
  3. Creating backups before maintenance 
  4. Providing hosting
  5. Monthly analysis reports

As we told you plans and what services your packages must include. Now, you can choose a better option for your business website. If you are having trouble finding the best provider of website maintenance, don’t worry, we are here for you. Our company is operating from Houston. We are providing one of the best plans and packages for all types of business websites. You can compare our rates and services from other companies. However, you still found that we are the best choice for this. Our team provides the best plans at reasonable prices. 

How is website maintenance linked with website SEO and marketing?

Website maintenance helps your website SEO. Your website must contain updated content, keywords, and articles to keep ranking in search engines. If your website hit by any malware, they will index your website in a lower position. If you are running an online business, you need visitors to visit your website. Or else there is no point in creating a website. To get a high rate of visitors, you have to keep your website updated regularly. As a result, your SEO remains updated, and Google will keep ranking your website. 

So, SEO is not only the reason you need to update your website. You have to take care of your customers also. They are the main reasons for generating revenue. If your website is attractive and fast responsive, you will get got value in digital marketing. If your website got any broken links, customers would not stay on your website. It will be a nightmare for you. Your website will also fade away from digital marketing. For this purpose, you must do website maintenance. 

Our company gives the best guidelines to our clients on how they can maintain their websites. To rank in search engines and boost their digital marketing. We have experienced business analytics. Their job is to provide our clients with the best digital marketing strategies to grow faster. We make sure that our clients’ websites never get de-indexed from the search engine. 

How can we help you to maintain your website in better shape?

Running your business and at the same time, maintaining a website can be depressing. Looking for foreigners doing freelancing doesn’t give good results. Hiring the whole team for website maintaining can cost you a lot. In order to save you from all of this, our company is here to help you. We are operating from Houston and providing proper website maintenance services all over the globe. We not only provide maintenance services for the dynamic website but also WordPress websites. We got certified and professional developers who can maintain your website in a short period but give the best result. A company like us, which provides website maintenance, can provide the best security and performance to your website. We provide services on minimum cost. 

Our company is best for your website solutions. Our services are far better than others. We provide the best website building, hosting your website, and also maintaining your website. We keep updating your website, so it remains up to mark. 

We have mentioned some services which we are currently providing all over the world:

  • hosting your website
  • migrating your website
  • creating backups of a website
  • SEO implementation and updating SEO
  • Plugins and themes updates
  • Checking for security loopholes
  • Scanning your website from malware
  • Fully systems and software updates 
  • Maintaining a website to run day and night

We offer different packages which include:

Standard package: this package is for those companies which are running websites having 20 or below webpages. 

Premium package: this package can be pick by any company having 40 pages or below webpages. 

Customized package: in this package, you can create a custom offer by contacting us. You can make a custom offer about what services you are looking for according to your website. 

Selecting any package doesn’t affect our quality work. We work hard so that you get the best website. We never want your website to go down for a minute. Our company always provides a secure and optimized website for our clients. Working with us is surely beneficial for your business. We don’t make false promises, and our work is only our identity. 

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