Affordable Web Maintenance Packages

Small business affordable website maintenance packages include updating, monitoring website on regular basis for  backups, and technical support like speed optimization, indexing new pages and more.

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Business website needs to be in safe hand always who are local and reachable. We are always standby to support our valued clients whenver they need assistance.

Website Maintenance Service is to keep the business website updated, errors free,  optimized, SEO friendly, and stand out in terms of design and performance. We are serving Nationwide Small Business Owners and corporations to maintain the website at an affordable cost plan with comprehensive 24/7  regular and emergency support. We ensure an optimized website with an active search engine and social media presence.

What’s Included

Monthly Web Maintenance 

Regular Website Maintenance

 24 – 48 hours working period each week for updating, monitoring, backups, and technical support.

Emergency Website Support

Fixing Website Errors, Update or Edit for Website. Support for 24/7 to meet any special requirements to meet Website’s Live Presence.

Monthly Package

Starts from $100 Per Month.

Keep Website Active with Free Back UP support service. Reach your service provider from the same time and same country.

Nationwide support for weekly/ Monthly maintenance like web development, programming issues, important WP and plug-in updates, fixing coding, and more. 

Cost of Website Maintenance and Website Maintenance Packages

Maintenance Plan 1:

Regular  Maintenance Services for Business Website. Charge $50 Monthly.

Completely professional and affordable website maintenance services which mostly include the following –

  • Updating website with new content, images, editing existing pages.
  • Fixing website Bug’s and  error checking
  • Regular Support with 24/7 availability
  • Priority telephone and email support
  • Immediate response directly from Houston, TX.
  • Quick turn around time for solving issues
  • Ensure backed up for the website for security purpose.
  • Maintain website speed for loading and performance.

Maintenance Plan 2:

WordPress Website Maintenance  Services for Small Business. Charge $150 Monthly. 

Perfect support nationwide when you are looking for a company to keep up with weekly maintenance like web development, programming issues, important WP and plug-in updates, fixing coding, and more. 

Maintenance Plan 3:

Website Maintenance Service with SEO for Search Engine Visibility. Charge $350 Monthly. 

It includes all applicable services under our Regular Maintenace Services for Small Busines Website. And following –

01. Keyword Research.

02. Competitor analysis 

03. On-Page SEO for Website 

04. Off -Page SEO for Website. 

Maintenance Plan 4:

Website Maintenance Service with Google My Business Account Maintenance, Google Paid Marketing- PPC monitoring, Digital Marketing Campaign. Charge $650.00 to $850 Monthly.

Expensive  Website Maintenance Support Services and Search Engine Optimization Service perfect for Doctors, Lawyers, Corportaions-

01. 24/7 Website Support Service

02. SEO for 5 Keywords

03. Google My Business Page Customization for Near Me Service.

04. PPC campaign at Google.

05. Managing Social Media Pages and Campaign . 


  • White hat contextual do-follow backlinks.
  • Contextual multi tired do follow backlinks.
  • Web 2.0 do-follow SEO backlinks 

We rank your website up at Google Ranking with our quality off-page SEO work.

⋆ 100% White Hat

⋆ 100% indexing in webmaster

⋆ 100% boost up Google Ranking

⋆ Increase Ranking

⋆ Increase Organic Traffic

⋆ 100% Manual contextual do follow Backlinks

⋆ Increase Domain Authority

Regular and Emergency Maintenance Services with reasonable Cost for Business Website.

It is one of our specialized professional services directly controlled, operated, and monitored from Houston TEXAS, applicable for Nation-Wide clients. Premium and secured website maintenance service for keeping your website ready to obtain more conversion and market adaptability. This service mostly designed to serve small business owners. This service includes website maintenance, updating the website as well as maintaining their marketing tools like Google My Business or Social Media.

Malware & Security

We scan your website daily for malware and other security-related issues on a regular basis which enables us to quickly respond to threats and to protect you.

Daily Cloud Backups

Daily to hourly backups of your website on secure AWS servers/other clouds servers. In the worst case, we can restore your website with just a few clicks. That way you can sleep peacefully.

SEO Keyword Monitoring

Monitor and track the development of your keywords in Google. That way you can better evaluate your SEO strategy and react quickly to possible changes. Because your keyword ranking is valuable.

Updates for Website

We update WordPress and plugins at least once a month or as soon as we hear of security-relevant updates. It makes the website optimized and well performed.

Fix Website Issues

Quick help with any problem: white page, wrong display, virus attack, connection problems and much more. SSL, broken layout, responsiveness or related website issues.

Responsiveess of Website

Keeping website content, blogs, images responsive and well optimized for all devices. It ensures the website is user friendly and ready to draw attention of visitors. 

Still Have Questions?

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Most of the website user maintain primary knowledge related to website update or little troubleshooting. But one their security issue related to SSL or HTTPS certificate error or when experience website’s broken layout then requirements comes for professional with technical expertise. In the case of database errors also website user needs technical assistance. Once user are worried about all these, in addition, website optimized performance for SEO and conversion with regular backup, we are active in USA to assist. Completely local secured support for best website performance, indeed budget should be reasonable.

Technology changing quite frequently and our team is equipped with the update. We know how to keep you active at online, how to make sure your strong presence and make you discoverable to all at your local community. Your business privacy and data are our most concern and we will keep that secret. We never onpass or sell any data or email address or never engage ourself in Email Marketing. We believe in organic search, the way you reached us and want to make sure that your website is well maintained and reachable to all.

Proper maintenance will not keep your website only active, it will make sure that your website loading time is fast and plugins are updated. We also keep backup of your website so that website is always running. Hackers are always active and many websites become hacked all over the USA every year. Once we are maintaining your website at the affordable plant or packages and at affordable cost, your website is secured.

Every business owners have a budget. We always try to provide a special service at affordable packages. We plan the cost based on our engagement. Hourly we charge $50.00 and if we hired by hours. When small business comes for our promotion offer, they are enjoying the best service within a comparable charge plan.


WordPress Website Maintenance for Smooth Performance vs. Maintenance Cost.

Maintenance work and maintenance contract for WP.

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world and inherently secure. However, due to its widespread use, WordPress is also particularly vulnerable to attacks and hacker attacks. As a rule, known security gaps are promptly closed by WordPress core developers and plugin developers. Fix Website Issues are services related to Website Maintenance. However, without Website Maintenance Services you only enjoy this security, if you regularly update your website and keep an eye on possible WordPress security gaps.

As soon as you miss the latest updates or do not install them in time, there is an increased risk for your WordPress installation. Occasionally, known vulnerabilities are quickly exploited, and your website may be vulnerable because of missing updates. Even you may experience a problem like a website broken layout for update issues.

We not only update your website but also offer a complete maintenance concept including daily cloud backups, security scans, performance/uptime monitoring, and many other services.

Website Maintenance Cost In Average.

We Help You To Keep Website Running Without Any Interruption


Get WordPress Running Always @ $100/ Monthly | Free Consultation

WordPress Website Requires Regular Updates

Back then, websites were much more straightforward. They filled in as online leaflets as opposed to having them on paper. In this day and age of innovation, sites are significantly more muddled when contrasted with past occasions. If you use websites well, they can serve as a marketing machine for your business and help you get new leads and customers in the business world. But, because the web in today’s time is more complex, it takes more effort to maintain website services.

The list of WordPress website maintenance chores is endless, but here we will try to discuss every single WordPress website maintenance service conveniently. With this article’s help, you will find out about the ones that are the most vital and why. You’ll likewise figure out how WordPress makes a large portion of it open with modules.

It is simple to receive WordPress maintenance services by following a simple procedure. When you choose a subscription plan for website maintenance service, the WordPress maintenance service team will get in touch with you. Their team will send you all the related and essential instructions with all the necessary information you need to be aware of for your business for multiple purposes. You need to provide the WordPress maintenance service team with the required data to use and perform all the services included in their available package. The initiation of their maintenance services is very clear and straightforward for its customers.

Importance of taking WordPress Website Maintenance services for any business

Secure your website security

Most modern websites depend on open resource CMS like WordPress or Drupal, etc. as everyone is aware of the many benefits offered by CMS, here are some more that we will elaborate on some of the services for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

WordPress maintenance services and other systems are continuously updating new security patches to get their work done every week. The WordPress maintenance service team provides quick help to its customers in case of any emergency. The hackers who hack the websites for their personal uses are trying to exploit vulnerabilities on websites.

To prevent these hacking chances, you need to look for website maintenance services. Also, up to date your software with the time to keep your data secure. Take professional help like WordPress maintenance services, etc. Here, we will discuss some quick status of different websites present in the digital world. 87% of the websites are facing huge or medium-level security issues or cybersecurity issues. Their data is on the risk factor, and they are highly recommended to work on their website security with the help of website maintenance services. WordPress is providing a high-security system against hackers to make their customers’ business more secure. According to a different survey, if it was found out that 68% of the websites do not have their recovery plan for any security issue. When you take help from WordPress website maintenance services, they will look at all the matters and don’t need to worry about your security matters anymore. Learn more why we need to save time for maintaining website by own.

Save time & money with WordPress:

With a professional WordPress website maintenance service, your website will always be kept up to date on time and secure. These services will help you focus on your business instead of worrying about your website security and data. Without a proper plan and maintenance service, you are putting your business at risk. The site is hacked or broken, which can result in additional expenses or damage.

Keep your software updated

Think of business websites like a smartphone or a laptop; these objects also runs software to manage the website content needed in them. This software does not work correctly without updates. And as we know, every website software also requires the latest updates to ensure its security, stability, and new features launched in the digital market to run the business in refined manners. These updates come with time, and we get notified about them from the maintenance teams. So, to keep your business on the top in this business world of competition, keep your website software updated regularly, just like you update your smartphones, laptops, and even daily accessories like home or cars, etc.

The different surveys provided a brief conclusion that 27.2% of other websites in the digital world are working on updates and registering themselves on different WordPress version. The remaining 73.2% of websites are outdated and more vulnerable to risks. This survey is the latest status of different websites in the world. By updating the website software regularly, your website or a whole business will always remain up to date: and this also reduces the risk of getting hacked through different hackers. In any case, doing the reports on the ineffectively made site can bring about a messed up place. In this way, before the updates, reinforcement must be made.


Scheduled website backups:

Every website in the digital world is like a living organism; it grows daily and faces time changes. Websites are also getting updated with time to remain secure. However, there are some cases when you need to look back toward the recent backup because it is necessary and demand for work. Backup helps in many things; you can compare the book with the latest and find the missing stuff easily from backup. It is an essential element of any software to keep a backup. Backup is used for multiple purposes, so the website restoring your data must be trustworthy. WordPress proving various maintenance services and restoring your data and providing a backup is one of them.

Quick stats of 68% of websites show that these websites don’t have a data recovery plan, and up to 400% of websites’ data is in the loss for many years. According to a digital survey, around 140,000 hard drives get failed in the United States each week to keep the website’s data, which is risky for any software. It also affects the business in many ways, because in some cases, you need a backup to use for different purposes.

A standard backup solution service provides your business with a database and assets backup file stored on the same server your website is registered. If the data is not restored or how the website fails to keep the data, it puts the business and website security at potential risk. If your server is hacked, and you want to recover it, you need a restored data to get your websites back from the hacker. Also, hackers or unwanted users can get access to your website data. And misuses it. To avoid all these risk factors, WordPress website maintenance services offer scheduled offsite backups. Those plans can restore all the available data on a secure and optimised data centre. The maintenance team also provides you with fast and easy website restoration and access to it as well.

Website Speed Improvements For Better Loading Time

All users and search engines like Google, like fast loading websites, consume time and provide quick service. After many experiences, every user wants a fast loading website for their work to be done on time. With the updated website and especially when the new assets are loaded, websites positively tend to become slower, causing lower rankings and fewer customers, slow business. You will also stay back in the competition. Everyone is trying to come in the first row in the business world, but you can miss your chance with slow website loading. So use WordPress website maintenance services to keep your website updated and fast for your users. Quick status of about 53% of visitors says that if it’s loads slower than 3s, leave that website. According to researchers, it is proven that 77% of websites take more than 10s to load on your mobile when the speed is slow. If users face delay, they will try to skip opening the website next time and prefer to go for other fast websites. Hence, it is concluded that after the 1st delay, the conversion is reduced up to 20%.

With professional help or WordPress website maintenance services, you can receive a proper website maintenance plan in place and on time. These services will monitor your website speed and take care of every hurdle faced by users. Thus you get a fast loading website that your customers and Google will love. You are turning that into more sales and higher rankings.


Tracking and improving SEO in the market:

Are you aware of your website rankings on Google that you are using for your business? Most of the time, website owners don’t stay updated about their raking conditions and websites working. It can affect their business because, in this advanced world of technology, every business is almost run on a digital market. If you are not aware of your website conditions, you may face loss in future. Competition is high in the market, on the product is sold by many brands or businesses. To attract the seller toward your business in the high game, you need to understand the SEO value. WordPress website maintenance service will help their customers stay updated and benefit from the fast running business to improve SEO. Always stay ahead of all your competitors. Keep an update of your audience’s demands, know your orders, and take all the necessary steps to improve your SEO to enhance your business in the digital world.

According to quick status, 93% of the time, every buyers or customer’s first online experience begins with searching on the internet. 58% of searches come from mobile devices because it is easy to hold everywhere. People avoid opening laptops or computers to search for their desired products. We have our phone and search for what we require. When we search for particular items or products, 46% of the screen results come from local business websites. With any website maintenance plan, WordPress website maintenance service offers an SEO ranking checker as well. So, you can keep your poison ahead of your competition and can perform better. With time, update yourself with your websites’ exact position for every keyword because this will help you understand how to run a business and get more benefits. Instead of starting tomorrow, Don’t stay longer in the dark and start tracking your website or SEO rankings today.

Emergency Service For Fixing WordPress PHP Update

How We Keep Your Website Updated

How can we help you to maintain your website in better shape?

Running your business and at the same time, maintaining a website can be depressing. Looking for foreigners doing freelancing doesn’t give good results. Hiring the whole team for website maintenance can cost you a lot. In order to save you from all of this, our company is here to help you. We are operating from Houston and providing proper website maintenance services all over the globe. We not only provide maintenance services for the dynamic website but also WordPress websites. We got certified and professional developers who can maintain your website in a short period but give the best result. A company like us, which provides website maintenance, can provide the best security and performance to your website. We provide services on minimum cost.

Our company is best for your website solutions. Our Website Maintenance Services are far better than others. We provide the best website building, hosting your website, and also maintaining your website. We keep updating your website, so it remains up to mark.

We have mentioned some services which we are currently providing all over the world:

  • hosting your website
  • migrating your website
  • creating backups of a website
  • SEO implementation and updating SEO
  • Plugins and themes updates
  • Checking for security loopholes
  • Scanning your website from malware
  • Fully systems and software updates
  • Maintaining a website to run day and night

We offer different packages which include:

Standard package: this package is for those companies which are running websites having 20 or below webpages.

Premium package: this package can be pick by any company having 40 pages or below webpages.

Customized package in packages: in this package, you can create a custom offer by contacting us. You can make a custom offer about what services you are looking for according to your website.

Selecting any package doesn’t affect our quality work. We work hard so that you get the best website. We never want your website to go down for a minute. Our company always provides a secure and optimized website for our clients. Working with us is surely beneficial for your business. We don’t make false promises, and our work is only our identity.

----- What you can expect from us

Our company tends to manage all your website contents in an incredible way which will boost up your sales and increase your annual turnaround. The reason why this management is so important is that to make sure that the web page appears among the top ones on google, you need to keep a close checkup of minor details if they are going right or not. Like is your website always available online? Is the SEO of your content on point when it seems to be?
We manage all this for you efficiently so you can focus on your Business completely and don’t need to give the pressure of web traffic or online marketing of your brand to give you a headache.
All these technical things regarding a WordPress site seem to be disturbingly difficult but just your little consultancy with us can make you free from all these worries and make your effort worth it.


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