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Affordable and reliable service from Houston, TX, for fixing  WordPress website errors and bugs. Get the website fixed and live today. Our expertise includes fixing broken layouts, resolving SSL issues, managing databases, redesigning the WordPress Website ( within 48 hours), and removing malware codes to make the website run today. If your WP website is experiencing technical issues or downtime, then you are in the right place. 24/7 support for fixing websites with errors ensures that all issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Whether you’re dealing with server errors, malware infections, or other website problems and serving for website repair near me, we are local website issues repair services to identify and resolve the issue. We minimize the impact on your business and ensuring a positive user experience for your website visitors.

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Get WordPress website errors fixed securely in real quick. We fix broken layout, plugins, CSS and other errors. Experience WordPress developers service for 24/7 for all states of USA.  Call now at 832 266 7209 or 979 250 7486 for discussion.


Free WordPress Website Error Diagnosis and Backups

No Upfront Charge, whatever the complex issue it is. Every website owners want ” Fix My Problem First”, and we respect this. We will fix your WordPress errors fist then an invoice will be submitted from our LLC company. Most of the WordPress issues are small enough and doesn’t take more than hours to solve. In that case, you can expect to charge about $25, unless there are many issues involved.

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To address WordPress errors, follow these troubleshooting steps:

Update Themes and Plugins: Keep your WordPress core, themes, and plugins up to date for compatibility and security.

Disable Problematic Plugins: If a specific plugin is causing errors, disable it to identify the conflicting one.

Check Error Logs: Review server error logs or enable WordPress debugging for detailed error information and source identification.

Clear Cache: If using caching or a CDN, clear cache or purge CDN files to resolve caching-related issues.

Restore from Backup: If errors persist after recent changes, consider reverting to a previous functioning backup.

Seek Professional Help: If unable to resolve errors independently, consult a WordPress developer or support service for assistance.

WP Errros & Bugs That Makes Issue in Regular Operation


WordPress PHP

Migration Errors

WordPress Website Errors For PHP Version 7 Update or Migration. Website layout or Database Connection Errors.

Hosting companies like Blue Host, Hostgator, Godaddy might have updated PHP version 7 which doesn’t support old version of MySQL. An old website with earlier PHP version will face website errors.  When you are worried about how to fix my website layout or establishing database connection errors due to this PHP version migration, we are ready to assist securely. We convert MySQL code into PHP 7 support format and regularly solving this type of website errors.

WordPress SSL Certiciate 


HTTPS/ SSL Certificates Errors Fixing Support.

SSL Certificate might have expired or showing untrusted SSL certificate or browser showing dangerous or unsafe notice. Even SSL certificate might have purchased but failed to configure at website properly. Our WordPress Fixing team can help you to fix this SSL certificate errors within a short period of time.

WordPRess Layout


Website Broken Layout or WordPress Broken Theme.

Website broken layout may cause for HTML and CSS bugs or due to malware code. Issues may come grid system problem or website responsiveness. Especially when any plugins updates or WordPress updates come, you might be thinking how to fix my site. We can fix these types of WordPress errors quickest way. Avail free consultation and share details by email only.



WordPress E-Commerce Website Errors in Pricing or Update.

E-Commerce Website needs to well maintained and Errors Free to ensure a smooth checkout system for your products. We can fix any E-Commerce website Errors within a short period of time and bring your website active.

WordPress SAFE


Website Migration From One Host to Another Host or From One Domain to Another.

WordPress migration from one hosting to another hosting company or one domain to another domain requires special attention. As it is related to database, SSL, image and website SEO issues. Unless it is a very small website which can be transferred by WP Clone type of Plugin, large website’s migration should be carried out very carefully without any errors. Which is our other expertise are. We take back up of old site prior to website migration. Keep your website database safe and secured. Do migtaion work manually and securely.  

WordPRess Misc Errors


Hosting Company PHP Version Update and Website’s performance Error.

WordPress Fixing support for solving issues like website’s header, footer, website customization, Customize plugins, Https 500 connection errors, WP login problem, Database connection error, Slider, Contact Form etc. 

How To Fix My WordPress Website Errors. Troubleshooting any WordPress Errors are almost half of the solution. Have made a detail discussion of each and every issue, which may give more insight into WordPress errors and way to fix the problem.

WordPress Plugin Errors, Mobile Responsiveness, CSS Errors, SSL/ HTTPS, WordPress broken layout, Website Migration or Backup are the WordPress Websites’ most common issues that user experience regularly.  We want to offer the best support for that in this COVID period by solving this type of small errors only at $25


It’s very important to keep the website updated as it is linked with Google Ranking, Optimization and conversion rates which are ultimately the prime purpose of maintaining a website. Especially in case of an E-commerce website,  it’s obvious that it should run without errors. Customer should be able to do checkout without any interruption.

Technical website problems can negatively impact the flow of your business. You lose customers, sales, revenue, and trust. And even when you try to fix it on your own, you spend time, energy, and resources that you could have used in managing your business.

That is why we’re here! We will fix all kinds of website errors for you so that you can focus on running your business. At FixWebsiteIssues, we provide premium solutions for any WordPress errors you have — bugs, layout inconsistencies, responsiveness, updates, maintenance, and even traffic and optimization. You name it, and we fix it. It’s that simple. No complicated processes, no confusing contracts. Just quality solutions for your WordPress issues.

WordPress is a very useful platform where one can work and make their own creation of beautiful websites. For flexibility and adaptability  Sometimes while creating these WordPress websites, knowingly or unknowingly there can be errors in code or sometimes in some other forms. These errors are discussed below along with the solutions for each.

Once the websites show different types of error messages to the users. If the error message is shown then one needs to understand that there is something wrong with the web browser or the website itself. The errors come with the three-digit code attached to the WordPress errors and a message with it. The error codes that can be seen are 400- 499 range error code, which is the error that is seen in the user’s side or web browser. The other, 500- 599 error code, which is the WordPress error that is seen due to the server’s fault. Let us now find out what each of these errors is and why they happen. We will be discussing 18 different website errors including establishing connection database errors that might occur anytime while surfing the net. 

Common WordPress Errors Mostly Takes 30min to 1 Hour to Solve


  • WordPress Website Design and Customization error: The design and customization error occurs when there is a plugin conflict or in the WordPress plugin outputting conflicting script in the preview. This can also happen when the server does not have enough memory to run the software that has been installed in WordPress. When ones PC does not have enough processing power to run the WordPress website designs. How to solve the WordPress website problem then. This error can be solved by checking errors in the theme customization panel.  
  • Plugins and Themes error: The plugins and WordPress themes error can occur due to various reasons, but it can be easily identified. Some of it might be due to missing zip files, no files in the folder, wrong files in the folder, syntax error or due to exceeding file size. If the bad format message appears, then one needs to simply add the file that the WordPress provider has provided. One must remember that the only files that can be uploaded are the zip format files. “Parse error” or “syntax error” message is displayed when one tried saving some money and bought a WordPress plugin and theme developer, but the codes in the file are incorrect so, this error can be solved by putting in the right codes for the program.

WordPress Errors and Solutions

What is White WordPress broken layout:

The white screen of death error of WordPress or white WordPress broken layout is one of the most common error. Often you can encounter in WordPress website. This error can be frustrating to a lot of people, and rightly so. In this error, you will not see any message of error. You just get block using your site. 

This is an information update to keep all our clients aware about the real scenario. We will try to discuss how can you solve this broken layout error if you counter it. You must create a backup of your website before proceeding to resolve it.

Why White WordPress’s broken layout occurs in WordPress?

The white screen of death usually occurs when there is an error in your PHP code. The second reason can be your memory limit got exhausted. This error can also be generated because of faulty theme plugins and themes installed on your WordPress website. So, there can be various reasons which cause this error. For these reasons, you have troubleshot this error in different ways.

How to solve White WordPress’s broken layout error?

When you face the white screen of death error, you need to fix it quickly. Let’s discuss how you can fix this error. 



  1. All plugins put on disable most of the time your site goes down due to faulty plugins. There are many ways to solve, but the most common way to solve this error, we will discuss here. If you have access to your website admin panel, go to plugins section from your WordPress dashboard, mark all installed plugins, then on the bulk-action drop-down select deactivate this result deactivation of your installed plugins.

Now, you can find which plugin is causing this error. You can activate plugins one by one, and reload your site after every activation of the plugin. If you see the white screen at your website screen, after activating the plugin, you have found the plugin which is causing this problem. After this, you can post a report on plugin authors or if you have the alternative of that plugin change with it.

For some reason, if you can’t reach to your WordPress dashboard, then you have to deactivate all plugins using FTP. Through FTP, you can make access to your site’s files directory. You have to make a connection via an FTP client to your WordPress site. Now, go to the wp-content folder, there you will find a folder named ‘plugins’. Rename the folder something like ‘faulty-plugins’ or ‘deactivated-plugins’. Now, WordPress can’t find the folder name ‘plugins’ to activate the plugins, and by default, all plugins will be deactivated. If this works, test all plugins one by one, until you found the faulty plugin. After finding it, you can report it on plugin authors or replace it.

  1. Moving to the Default WordPress theme: there is a possibility that white screen error is generating because of your current theme. Once you login to your admin panel of WordPress website, go to appearance, there you will find themes, open it, and select default theme such as ‘Twenty Twenty’ or ‘Twenty Nineteen’. Then reload your site, if it works then you have found your error. 

If you can’t access your WordPress dashboard for any reason, you have to use the same procedure as mentioned above in plugins. Through FTP client, make an access to your site’s files directory. Change the folder name of the wp-content/theme to something else. Now, WordPress will automatically change your theme to default. If you don’t have default themes, you can download manually from the WordPress theme directory and then put it on the theme folder.

Check your site, if this fixes the issue, maybe your site has bad code or other conflicts. You can contact developers for this, or you can change your theme.


3.     Clearing Cache from WordPress and Browser: if you have access to your WordPress backend, and frontend of your site shows a white screen, it might be because of your WordPress cache plugin or browser cache. It can be solved by clearing your browser’s cache or WordPress cache plugin (if you have any). 

If your WordPress site has a plugin cache, you can clear the cache by navigating to the plugin’s Settings page. 

Let’s say you have a WP Super cache plugin installed on your WordPress website. You can go to setting from the dashboard; there you will find WP Super cache click on it, you will see delete cache button. Your WordPress cache will be deleted. Save your changes and visit your website to check whether it works or not. Most probably, this will fix your issue.

  1. Turn-On Debugging Mode to Troubleshoot Errors: if nothing works till now or you have fixed the issue and still have doubts, for this you can enable debugging mode in your WordPress site. What will happen after enabling it? This will show you any errors occurring on your WordPress website. You need to open the wp-config.php file; there you will see code line like this:

define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, false )

Rewrite this code of line to enable the debug mode:

define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true )

if you can’t see the line, you can add this line in the PHP file. After adding this reload the site. The white screen now will start showing errors, warnings. This is not much helpful. However, you can find the cause of an error. It will show that in which file error is occurring. 

If you still don’t see any errors on the white screen, you can check errors in the debug log file. Just add this line in the same wp-config file where you have written above the line of code:

define( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true );

Now, go to the wp-content folder using FTP client, there you will find debug.log file. In which, all the errors and warnings can be seen.

Note: while debug mode is active, some information about your website can be seen by unauthorized users. Always turned off your site’s debug mode, after fixing the error.

  1. Increase in Memory Limit: sometimes your memory limits get exceeded or your

memory gets exhausted, this is also the reason for which the white screen of death

  1. You have to increase the memory in the PHP file dedicated to WordPress.

You have to access wp-config.php file and add the following code in that file: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

You can also increase memory size using the .htaccess file, just write this:

php_value memory_limit 64M

if you still facing this error, maybe your theme or any plugin is using a huge amount of memory. Now, you need help from the WordPress developer to fix this issue.

  1. Solving the issue of Long Post: in some cases, you face the white screen of death error on long written articles or posts. You can solve this issue by increasing PHP’s text processing capability, by an increase in backtrack limit and recursion. To do so, type mentioned code in your wp-config.php file:



After writing this code, save the changes, and reload your site. Most probably, it will work.


7.     Error in your WordPress code: beginners usually start editing the code on live production site. A single typo error in the syntax of code can cause your site to stop working. 

That’s is the reason you never make changes in the code on live production site.

However, you can undo the changes by connecting your site to FTP. If you don’t remember which line of code goes wrong, you can use the backup of your WordPress site. We hope that you have created one.


  1. Crashed Auto-Updates: in some rare cases, WordPress counter issues regarding updates. Which results in the error of the white screen of death. However, usually, it gets fixed automatically. You have to go to the root directory of WordPress and check for ‘.maintenance’. File. You need to delete this file and reload your site.

If the update was not completed in the first place, it would resume, or if the update was successful, however, WordPress was unable to remove the file, in both cases your site will act normal again. 


  • In the white screen of death, there will be only a white screen, and no errors can be seen. White screen of death error may cause due to error in PHP code or memory got exhausted.
  • You can solve these errors by different techniques we have mentioned above.

However, executing the above-mentioned steps carefully can be difficult for people, so it is always advisable to seek professional assistance. Worry not, at, we have got just what you are looking for. Our WordPress technicians can easily take care of your WordPress problems.


What is SSL Error?

In simple terms, Stands for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) error occurs when a browser can’t verify the SSL certificate installed on your WordPress website. It shows a warning message that your site is insecure. 

Why do SSL Errors occur’ in WordPress?

The SSL error can appear for different reasons. This error may be occurring because of the server on which your website is hosted. The other reasons can be the date-time issue in your system, antivirus or firewall is blocking you from accessing the site, not having a valid SSL certificate or so on. 

Whatever the reasons are, it can be solved. Let’s discuss the steps. That can be taken to solve this SSL Error. 

How to solve the SSL Error in WordPress Website?

When you are running a WordPress website for your business or organization, you have surely faced the SSL error. And if you don’t know how to fix it, you are in luck. We will also explain how you can solve SSL errors in WordPress website.

  1. Reinstalling the SSL certificate

If you have installed an SSL certificate by yourself, you may have made some mistakes while installing manually. 

Try to reinstall the SSL certificate and reload your site.

If your WordPress hosting provider had installed an SSL certificate on your website, you can ask to contact them for help. They will fix the SSL certificate error for you.


  1. Solving Mixed Content Errors

This error arises because some of your WordPress images and coding scripts are using an old protocol which was ‘Http’. This doesn’t make your website fully secure. 

To resolve this error, you can install a plugin in WordPress like ‘Really Simple Plugin. 

After installing, activate the plugin. If you want to see the plugin, you can find it in settings. You don’t need to do anything. This plugin will fix mixed content errors by itself.


  1. Imposing SSL Connection

After switching your site completely on ‘Https’, you can still face this SSL connection error.

There is an effective way to fix this error once and for all. 

Go to the server of your website and find the ‘wp-content.php’ file. Copy the below-mentioned code, and your error will be gone.

“define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true);”

Reload your site and hopefully, this will work.


  1. Scanning Malware

If the above solutions don’t work there are possibilities that the SSL problem is arising because of malware.

Install well-known anti-virus software on your PC. Run a smart and full scan for malware. After completing scanning restart your PC. And check your website.

  1. Putting Anti-Virus and Firewalls on silent mode

For some reason, when you don’t update your antivirus software, it starts to misbehave. This also results in the SSL problem, as they block you from your website. 

You can also disable your antivirus from computer for a moment, and the SSL problem will be solved. It is better to update your antivirus and restart your computer.

  1. Restoring the System

This is the final solution for your WordPress SSL problem. You can restore your PC that will take to the previous version when this error was not appearing. After doing this, Windows will restore your system to the previous version. And you will not see the SSL Error.


  • SSL problem occurs due to non-verification from browser
  • SSL problem arises for multiple reasons like an error from hosting server or antivirus blocking you from visiting your site
  • SSL is just temporary error, it can be fixed by using the above solutions

If you are still unable to solve SSL error, can solve your problem. We can help you, in solving this SSL error for your WordPress website.



  • WordPress Database connection error: The temporary inaccessibility of the website is due to the database connection error. The website that one tries to enter shows the error message, and the entire page remains blank. This error causes for various reasons, such as incorrect login credentials. It means the wrong username and password has been used to enter the WordPress website. The other purpose can be a corrupt WordPress website database which involves the installation of the faulty or incompatible plugin. How to solve this. It is by changing the login credentials and using the correct one only. The other way to solve this can be by using the WordPress website repair and optimize a method, but it might take quite some time.


  • Image upload and other image-related errors: This WordPress website error mainly happens because of the improper file type that WordPress cannot recognize or when there is no folder permission given to WordPress. These can occur from the provider’s site, a faulty plugin or when the WordPress site gets hacked. However, this can be solved in no time, but sometimes it can be not very pleasant. One can change the file permissions by going to Filezilla at WordPress website to fix errors, and going to the upload folder.


  • 404 errors: The WordPress 404 error occurs because the server is not able to find the posts and pages on the website. This error can occur unexpectedly sometimes, but other times it is because one has changed things in the WordPress website. This WordPress website errors can be fixed. It is by ensuring that the permalink structure in WordPress is rightly configured in the .htacess file. There are two ways on how one can do this: one, by saving permalinks and the second, by manually resetting the permalinks. 


  • WordPress RSS feed error: RSS feed error happens due to poor formatting. Poor formatting here means missing a line break or inclusion of an unnecessary extra tab can break the RSS feed and cause this WordPress website error. When the RSS feed error is displayed, one can manually edit the functions file. If this does not help in any way, then one can disable the RSS feed related plugins or can temporarily switch to the default WordPress theme until it gets fixed.


  • Internal Server errors, 504 Gateway errors and Fatal errors in PHP and white screen death: In these errors, the screen appears to be blank sometimes and sometimes seems to be with just the error message. Sometimes when there is no message on display such as in the case of, white screen death, one might not know what to do or where to go next. This blank page error can happen when the script exhausts PHP memory limit or due to a configuration in the server. This error can be fixed. It needs to increase the PHP memory limit that was previously available in WordPress or by checking on the plugins as this error can happen due to faulty plugin too. E able to submit your WordPress issue and our WordPress developers will get to work.
  • Woo-commerce and Shopify related errors: The woo-commerce error occurs when there are problems in the email notification, server configuration, theme and plugin compatibility issue and WordPress PHP error. This error can be solved. It is by updating the latest versions of WordPress and Woo-commerce as well as by regularly updating the plugins. The faulty plugins must also be removed. The WordPress wp-config file must also be thoroughly checked for any errors in it.


  • Social media integration issues: Social media integration error can occur when there is a lot of traffic on the WordPress website. This website error can be solved. It is by doing the following: the broken social media integration can be reconnected by going to the ‘Listings’ page or on the ‘Error’ message when it appears. Then, one can press on the ‘Reconnect’ button and then also click on the ‘sign in’ button and reconnect.

WordPress Website Errors Need to Identified First the Solving Issues will come.

Little More Discussion of SSL Issues for WordPress Website.


What is Https Error?

When you increase the security of your website by switching the Http protocol to https, this error can arise. Most of the WordPress website owners want to increase their website security, and while they start to migrate their sites, they counter https error usually. 

Why do Https Errors occur’ in WordPress?

This error can occur when you switch your website without truly completing all steps. It is obvious to make this mistake, if you don’t have enough knowledge about how to migrate a site from Http to https. However, you can resolve this error by implementing some solutions. 

How to solve the Https Error in WordPress?

If you have encountered this error in your WordPress website, here you can find its solution. Every problem has its solution. So, you can find the solution to your problem here.

The first thing you have to do is to create a backup of your WordPress website. So that you can use a backup file if something goes wrong.

  1. Browser doesn’t open your site

This is the common error which you can counter. As soon as you start convert your site to https it won’t open in your browser. You can fix this issue at your website by doing following these steps.

  • Changing time: try to change your date and time zone. And then access your site.
  • Removing browser cache: this one is also an easy step. You can clear your browser cache to resolve this issue. You can go to the control panel, from there select internet options, then click on content, after that click on clear SSL state.
  • Rebooting your system: Now you can reboot your system, and if you are in luck you will not see this error afterwards.


  1. Images remained on Http protocol.

While converting your site to https, your images remained on Http protocol. You will see that your browser is showing grey colored lock on the right side. Follow these steps to resolve this issue.


  • Installing SSL Content fixer plugin: you can install a plugin in your WordPress site like ‘SSL insecure content fixer plugin’ to deal with this issue. It can diagnose your website content for common fixes. By doing this, you can also easily sort out this error.
  1. Correct fonts are not displaying

this error means your website fonts are changed as compared to fonts used in your WordPress dashboard. There are chances of incorrect API addresses in the CSS file you are using. Just take this step to finish this problem from your site.

  • Locating CSS file: you need to change the link you are using in your CSS file. Go to the dashboard at WordPress website, there you will see ‘Appearance’, on Appearance click on ‘Theme editor’. After moving to ‘theme editor’ find Google fonts and change your link to ‘’.
  1. All contents are not switched to Https.

This error occurs when your website content is not completely converted to Https. 

This is one of the most common errors. Let’s see how you can solve this error.


  • Installing search and replace plugin: this plugin works the same as ‘SSL insecure content fixer plugin’. Install this plugin, after installing, go to ‘Tools’ and there click on ‘Search and Replace’. After clicking on it, you will see ‘Do Search and Replace’ select this and wait for the magic.


  1. Website redirects errors

This error usually occurs when your site navigates to more than one location. You can’t access your site. This is due to WordPress Malware Removal.  You can try this step to solve this error.

  • WordPress and Site Url matching: first, you have to check whether your WordPress and Site URL is same or not. You have to go to the Dashboard of WordPress, from there go to ‘Settings’ and click on General. In ‘General’ you have to match both URLs. 


  • After switching to ‘Https’, you usually counter errors in your WordPress site.


  • You can suffer this error due to incomplete steps done by you.


  • Different errors and solutions are provided to resolve your Https error issue.


We have discussed all the errors and solutions through which you can solve your Https error. It is possible that somehow you still face this error. You can take help from professionals. can help you in solving this Https error successfully. 

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Unable to Access Admin Area

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Syntax Error

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WordPress theme CSS issues

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White Screen of Death

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