Website Broken Layout Problem & How to Fix WordPress Site For Online Presence.

WordPress website doesn’t load properly and come with a broken layout! To fix this problem it requires proper troubleshooting of Errors. It has been observed for several reasons, WordPress users face broken layout related errors while loading and even long delay in loading. The theme may not display correctly or the home page maybe not loading in time. and you are browsing ‘how to fix my website broken layout when it is not loading properly’. Probably, these are the most common website issues we are solving nowadays. You may need WordPress website support immediately to fix your website loading problem. Troubleshooting any website errors is almost half of the problem. In many cases, we noticed, website owners consider this a very minor issue and sometimes become crazy enough to get rid of this type of web page loading errors when it is not coming properly.

We always request clients to consult someone expert, if they need any help to fix their website loading errors, fix website seo errors when it is not coming correctly. At the same time, we also want to update all as regards this loading or broken layout website errors and related issues. We always want our clients to come to know what is the actual issue, how to address and update us so that we can fix the specific problem within a short period at minimum charge.

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As we are all aware, WordPress websites are top-rated and efficiently easy to use. WordPress website maintenance needs regularly updated to avoid any issue related to loading or broken layout. Though, there are several issues you may come across when you have website broken layout issue or at some point during your work on WordPress.
A wide range of users opens the forums on and many other support sites searching for solutions to their queries regarding the pages having broken layouts etc. Moreover, there are many written lessons at WPBeginner as well to fix the most common of these issues.
If you are a WordPress website user too, you may come across any of these repeated issues other users have seen.

Measures to be taken before solving WordPress Errors

Before solving a WordPress Error, whether it is related to the websites not loading or the websites coming with broken layout, there are certain things you need to know.
WordPress websites usually have a good backup system, but while trying to fix an error, there are chances of you losing your data in case you don’t have a complete backup of your site.
All you need to do is make sure you have a WordPress backup before getting started. For the backup purpose, you can use, UpdraftPlus, or do the backup process manually. Website users may also look for professional companies who ensure proper website maintenance services securely and without any interruption.
UpdraftPlus is the most trusted tool for WordPress backups, and in addition to this, it is very easy to use. It also serves you with restores and clone plugins which protect you from WordPress hacks, dodgy updates, and the server crashes. Hence, installing UpdraftPlus would be a quicker approach to your backup process. For manual backup, you can use phpMyAdmin or do a manual WordPress database Backup from cPanel.

Locating the error

The first and foremost thing to do while searching for the solution is to find where the actual problem lies. This will speed-up your error fixation and limit your efforts to be done.
Here is an insight into the most common of these issues, along with their simplest solutions.

1. The site doesn’t load error or experience website broken layout

If your issue is regarding the load of the website, start by opening a new tab for any of the general websites lets say, If this other site opens up easily, the issues lie with your internet connection most probably. Your browser’s cache is having a problem due to the interruption, reset, or timed out connection.

You need to clear all your browser’s cache to fix this. To do that, follow the following simple steps:
· Go to the menu icon and then the library portion on your toolbar.
· Select the option clear recent history after clicking history.
· Further, choose “Time range to clear” and then the option labelled “Everything”.
· Then select both “Cookies” and “Cache”. Do not select any other items which you don’t want to get removed.
· Finally, click “clear”.
All your cache would be cleared, and your error will be removed.

2. Internal server error

If you come across an error displaying the statements “Internal Server Error” or “500 Internal Server Error”, the error is an internal one. Dealing with this might seem a bit technical, but here we have the simplest solutions for it. First of all, you need to understand what this error means. This error is not just limited to WordPress and is a generic one for most websites, it shows that an error exists within your WordPress site, but you are not indicated about where the error lies.

To deal with such an internal error, here are several things you can do:

· Such an error is usually caused due to a corrupted .htaccess File. Hence, to fix this, you need to first look for that corrupted file. For this, you need to rename your .htaccess file by logging in your site through the File Manager App present in your account’s cPanel dashboard, to something else like .htaccess_new. That’s it, after renaming the file make sure you save it by going to the in the “Settings” and then “Permalinks” option of your WordPress admin portion. Now you have a “.htaccess” file created. Reload your site, and the issue would be nowhere now. This may help you to solve the problem related to website broken layout. However, there might have some other issues involved for broken layout.

· Another cause of this error may be due to the plugins. For this, you need to disable each of the plugins, and if not solved by the above-mentioned solution, your error would be resolved by this.

3. Broken Layout error

Seeing a broken layout on your WordPress site is surely much of a headache. Still, you don’t need to worry, here’s an easy solution to it.
However, fixation of this error becomes pretty difficult if the broken layout is of the kind in which only a blank white screen is visible. No display of the message makes it difficult for you to figure out where the error is. For solving this problem, you can use the WordPress tool called WP_DEBUG. After activating this tool, open the “wp-config.php” file and add the statement “define(WP_DEBUG, true);” in it. This will lead to the display of the line on your screen, which will indicate the error.

Firstly, you need to double-check if the site is not working or is temporarily down just for you or for others as well. Sometimes, the issue is not solely with your web page, and other users may be seeing a broken layout too, due to any problem.
After confirming that the issue is just for you, you now need to know that your page might have a broken layout due to errors in the establishment of a database connection. Another reason can be that the credentials are not appropriate, causing failure of database connection establishment leading to broken layouts.
To solve this issue just make sure your database is running correctly and the credentials in it are appropriate. After getting these things right, your broken layout will surely be fixed.

4. Password Reset Key Error

A password reset fundamental error is the one in which the login page for your WordPress keeps reloading and hence, fails to save your password reset key. This stops you from logging in to your page and make any changes in it further.

When you are experienced such like issue i.e website broken layout problem or loading delay. To fix the issue, one of the easiest solutions to this problem is deleting unnecessary stuff from your WordPress site because the access to data and shortage in disk space causes this error.

5. Malfunctioning of WordPress Site

This error means that website is not working the way it is supposed. Example, some images fail to appear or there is an issue in the functioning of some audio or video of your website.

To fix any of the issues regarding images, try out clearing the cookies and cache and check the image permission for that specific website, in certain cases, the issue might be arising due to the website not been allowed to add that specific content.
For issues in the functioning of audio or videos present on your website, you can seek help from the following:
· Allowing the autoplay of media with sound.
· Clearing caches and cookies
· Allowing the plugin-container in the respective internet security program.
· Resetting the preferences.
Another type of malfunction on the website is that the website doesn’t complete is loading process for long. In the case of this issue, the possibility is that the security software is blocking your connection or your connection is wireless. Go about checking all your connections and this gets fixed.

6. Update errors of WordPress Site

If you get to see an error displaying “Update WordPress”, it means that you start another update while an update of WordPress is currently going on. This feature of WordPress is of benefit for the user in the way that multiple updates going on at a time may cause your website to lag. The manufacturers have developed a lock option for this purpose, which is enabled at the start of any single update and prevents a new update from getting started.

You must wait for a while as this option may disappear itself in some time after the ongoing update is completed. Otherwise, it doesn’t disappear even after an hour or so, you can continue saving the time by fixing it manually using the following steps:
· Go to the database of your WordPress and remove the option “core_updater.lock”, this will remove the default lock setup, the already going on update would be halted, and the new update you want to start would be good to go. This may give the ultimate result for website broken layout problem.
· Next, you need to install a plugin labelled “Fix Another Update in Progress”. After installation, activate it and then go to the option “Settings” in your toolbar. Then go to the page “Fix another Update in progress”. You will see a button saying “Fix WordPress Update Lock” which will remove your issue completely.
· Another way to fix this error is the manual one. Use the tool phpMyAdmin and run the query in your WordPress database direct. This will be a great aid to the fixation of your issue.

7. Connection Not Private Error

When you see an error displaying “Connection not private”, as evident from the label, it means the connection you are using is not private and WordPress won’t let you continue with this. When your browser fails to verify the SSL certification of the websites, this error pops up. Moreover, this error is only visible on the ones using SSL or HTTP protocol.

To fix the connection, not a private error, all you need to do is try the following ways:
· Try reloading your page.
· Adjust the date and time of your computer, double-check if it is accurate.
· Switch off the antivirus apps.
· Take the SSL Server Test
· Clear all the caches and cookies using the steps mentioned earlier in this article.

8. Secure Connection Errors

A secure connection is usually due to the failure of the server to link your website with the official one of WordPress. To solve this issue, you simply need to make your connection secure, as the label suggests. Being a WordPress user, you must be aware that you are shown notifications for the installation of theme updates time-to-time. These updates require a connection of your website to When this connection is interrupted, due to any reason, this secure connection error appears and you may suffer from website broken layout problem and need attention to fix this.

Try the f:
· The solutions vary with the type of shared hosting server you are using. For a server under the DDoS attack, you just need to take a few minutes and try again. If this doesn’t help, just contact your hosting server’s management help team regarding this.
· Contrary to the above-mentioned case, if you are using localhost and getting a secure connection error, all you need to do to fix it is enable the extension for PHP used in WordPress for the updates i.e., cURL extension.
· Add Apache to the allowed programs list of your browser.

9. Disruption in Stream Error

You know you have come across a disruption in your stream when you see the “Failed to open stream” message on your screen. However, it is not necessary to see the same message as quoted above every time for such an issue. This means you may see similar messages to this which indicates the failure of operation or denial of permission. The reason these errors occur is usually that the file mentioned in the code of your website failed to load. Hence, for solving this issue, you need to enable the load of this file.

To solve the failed to open stream error in WordPress, you don’t need to struggle to find the location of the error as you are provided with the exact error location with the error display message.
· Try out reinstalling the plugin.
· Regenerate a “.htaccess” file in your directory, as this issue might have occurred due to the absence of such a file.
· If your error displays that “Permission is denied” or something similar to this, in this case, you need to go to the directory permissions section of WordPress and get the permission enabled from there.

10. Harmful Program Errors

In case of these errors, you may see a display of the statement “The site ahead contains harmful programs” or something similar. One reason for this error may be the hacking of your website after which someone has now added hostile content to it. Otherwise, the reason would be the hostile code on the advertising networks on your website.

To get this fixed:
· Scan your site code completely for the removal of the malicious code.
· Find a backdoor in your hacked WordPress site. (This means to bypass the normal authentication or remotely access your server anonymously.)
· Use Sucuri. (Securi is a very efficient solution to get this fixed, it is for monitoring of websites of WordPress.)
· If you think the warning is baseless and you need to get it fixed, you can simply proceed by contacting Google and get the error removed.

How to Troubleshoot Errors Yourself
After an insight into the most common WordPress Errors, you would have realized that most of the errors are caused due to the themes or plugins in the WordPress site. Any of the themes can give birth to different kinds of errors.
Troubleshooting them on your own in a short time might have looked difficult until today but now you are aware of the simple steps that make fixation and removal of these errors such as website broken layouts, easy for you.
Here are some generic solutions listed below that would help you troubleshoot and fix any kinds of errors efficiently. These solutions are all easily applicable manually and will sort most of the issues effectively:
· Use Sucuri and scan your WordPress site to protected from any kind of malicious code. It also works remarkably in the fixation of broken layouts of web pages.
· Go to the “Settings” and then “Reading” option on your site and uncheck the option of search engine visibility, and save the changes.
· Try updating all your website’s URLs in the “.php” file.
· Go to the “Appearance” option on your site and then “Themes”. Set the theme to default.
· The most basic one, clear all the browser and WordPress cache and cookies. (The process of doing this is mentioned above.)
· Backup your WordPress site manually or using a reliable app.
· Try deleting all the “.htaccess” files after backing them up.
· Make sure you entered the correct URLs by going to the “Settings” portion.
· Go to your website and deactivate each of the plugins/themes. Then activate each plugin one after another to figure out which is the one causing the error. This process solves the maximum number of issues on WordPress sites.
· Go to “Settings” and then “Permalinks”, then click on save changes without any alteration.
The correct implementation of the above-mentioned steps will help you fix issues if the WordPress websites don’t load or are coming with the website broken layout and other such errors. Knowing how to troubleshoot and fix error messages is not as complicated as it appears to be.

The bottom line is, the website should run properly, should load properly and fast. Our Website Fixing Service is USA based and secured for all website owners, as we understand your data privacy issue. You may consult us, if any assistance required. We are not affiliated with plugins or theme, but this information is to educate all as regards the ongoing website errors when it is related to loading or website broken layout.

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