Common CPanel Email Setup and Connecting Problem With Gmail

Whether it is from GoDaddy or  Namecheap, anyone can set up an email from C-Panel free of cost. Now the issues are how to make this email, set up a password and mail forwarding, as well as connect with existing Gmail or Yahoo email. In order to make this process very simple, attached some images reflecting step by step, how to open the link of hosting using ID and password. Then where to clink for creating an email and set a password. Once emails are created, we will discuss how to forward email to existing email and thereafter how to add the emails at devices like Mobile and connect with Gmail or outlook or yahoo.

How To enter into C-Panel of Hosting Company

Now Need to Click at EMAIL


Now add the email ID and Password

Password Reset from MANAGE

Password Reset from MANAGE

Add Email to other devices

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Fix Website With Errors
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