Navigating Google Ads Verification and Advanced Verification for Locksmith and Garage Door Services

The verification and Advanced Verification processes for locksmith and garage door services on Google Ads are essential for maintaining a safe, trustworthy, and effective advertising ecosystem. These processes protect consumers from potential fraud and unsafe practices, ensure compliance with local laws, build trust in advertised businesses, and uphold the quality and reputation of Google’s advertising platform.

For businesses, undergoing this verification not only enables them to advertise on a widely used platform but also helps them stand out as legitimate and trustworthy service providers in a competitive market.

Verification for locksmith and garage door services on Google Ads ensures only legitimate, licensed businesses can advertise, protecting consumers from fraud and subpar services. It helps build trust, ensures compliance with local regulations, and maintains Google’s reputation as a reliable platform. Verified ads are of higher quality, leading to better user experiences and higher engagement rates.

Understanding Google Ads Verification

Google Ads verification is designed to maintain the integrity of the platform by ensuring that only legitimate businesses can advertise. For locksmiths and garage door services in the United States and Canada, this involves an extra step known as Advanced Verification. This process helps prevent fraud and protects consumers from potentially unreliable or unsafe service providers.

Who Needs Advanced Verification?

Advanced Verification is mandatory for:

  • Locksmith services in the United States and Canada
  • Garage door services in the United States

If your business falls into one of these categories, you must complete the Advanced Verification process to advertise on Google Ads.

Types of Requests

When applying for verification, you can choose from the following request types:

  • Apply for Advanced Verification: For first-time applicants.
  • Advanced Verification Appeal: If your initial application was denied.
  • Get help with Advanced Verification: For assistance with the process.


 fi fiLocal Services Ads (Google Guarantee)

If you are looking to apply for Google’s Local Services Ads (also known as Google Guarantee), you should not use the Advanced Verification application form. Instead, visit Local Services Ads to sign up. Note that if you have already started the Local Services onboarding process, you do not need to apply for Advanced Verification separately.

Application Process

  1. Google Ads Customer ID: Select the Customer ID for the individual account you wish to verify. If you manage multiple accounts, avoid using the Manager Account ID.
  2. Business Country: Choose the country where your business operates. If your country isn’t listed, Advanced Verification is not available in your region.
  3. Business Type: Indicate whether you offer locksmith services, garage door services, or both.
  4. Business Model: Specify if you are a direct service provider or an aggregator/lead-generator.
  5. Business Information: Provide the name, address, phone number, owner’s name, and email of your business.
  6. Website and Licensing: Enter your business website and upload relevant licenses. Ensure your business complies with state and local licensing requirements.
  7. Role and Operating Time: Indicate your role in the business and how long the business has been operating under its current name.
  8. Storefront Information: State the number of storefronts your business operates, if any.
  9. Documentation: Upload state-issued business registration documents and fictitious name registration documents if applicable.

Completing the Application

Submit your application with all the required details and documents. Ensure the accuracy of the information to avoid delays. Google may contact you for additional information or clarification.

Benefits of Advanced Verification

Completing the Advanced Verification process not only allows you to advertise on Google but also builds trust with potential customers. Verified ads are more likely to be trusted and clicked on by users, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.


Navigating Google Ads verification, especially Advanced Verification, is crucial for locksmiths and garage door service providers aiming to advertise online. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure your business meets Google’s standards and successfully reaches a broader audience. Indeed, any ads needs to be fixed properly and website fixer or ads fixer can be consulted if ads get disapproved.

For further assistance, you can always reach out to Google Ads support or consult the detailed guidelines provided during the application process. Remember, a verified ad is a trusted ad, and trust is key to attracting and retaining customers.

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