The 10 Most Common Mistakes in SEO Optimization Need to Be Checked Properly Before Launching Any Website

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This post will tell you top 10 Common Mistakes in search engine Optimization, and also, I will provide you with the solution to avoid each of them.A word SEO means Search engine optimization. It is a set of rules which helps to optimize your website to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, or Ask.According to recent statistics found in Search Engine Journal, around 75% of internet users don’t turn to next page of search engine. It is the only reason that why ranking higher on the search engine is critical for your business success. Therefore, having a website with poor search engine Optimization will never let your business to reach to your target audience.
The 10 Most Common Mistakes in SEO Optimization

The 10 Most Common Mistakes in search engine Optimizatio

  1. No Key words Research:
One of the crucial elements of search engine Optimization is Keyword. It helps Google to quickly analyze your business website content and helps your target audience to find you easily. Mostly Business fails due to the inadequate or irrelevant choice of keywords, which end up at giving ZERO results. The only reason behind the failure is that people don’t focus on doing Keyword Research.Tip: To reach your Target audience and to get traffic to your website, it is important do Keyword Research. I would highly suggest you to use the Google Keyword Planner for your targeted keyword research.

2. Website Load Time:

Another important factor of any successful business website is its loading time. It is found that if any website takes more than 2 seconds for loading, then it has 87% chances of neglection.

Tip: Given below are the tips through which you can increase your website speed:
  • Use standard size images.
  • Avoid unnecessary plugins like HTML and CSS.
  • Reduce the Number of Redirects.

3. No Mobile Optimization:

There is a number of people using Mobile phones than Computers or laptop. Therefore, to rank in the SERPs, Google has clearly stated that mobile optimization is a must. Neglecting mobile optimization can bury your business among thousands of competitors and your clients will not be able to find you.Tip:
  • Take Online course or use YouTube to learn Professional Mobile Optimization.
  • Hire a reliable digital marketing agency to help you with Mobile optimization. 

4. Indexability Problems:

If your website is not getting organic reach and your target audience is unable to find you, then it only happens due to Indexability issues.Indexability issues occur due to broken links, missing pages, and blocked pages of your website. If Google is unable to find your page index, then no user can reach to your website. Therefore, your website optimization is critically important to find your business organically.Tip:
  • To avoid indexability problem, you must check your web pages and link once in a day to see if they are working properly.

5. Image Optimization:

Image optimization is often neglected by most of the website owners; however, it should not be ignored. Image optimization is equally important as content optimization. People think that the search engine cannot read images, but they can read Titles, tags, and Image file names linked to that image.Tips:
  • Add your content keywords in your Image file description. For example, search engine Optimization Mistakes (This is what I will add).
  • When the image is not available, use Alt Tags as an alternative text.
  1. Inconsistent Blog Strategy:
Consistency is the fundamental and most crucial strategy behind the success of any business. Usually, people create blogs but don’t give it proper time, which results in failure of their businesses. If you have started a blog, then make sure to give it proper time.Tips:
  • Write more and do as many postings as possible on weekly basis.
  • Do keyword research and use relevant keywords.
  • Promote your blog on social media.
  • Use search engine Optimization Optimized Images.
  • Add Social Media Sharing buttons.

7. Neglecting On-Site SEO Optimization:

When most of the business owners create a website, they put their entire focus on Off-Site optimization and neglect the On-Site Optimization. On-Site optimization is very important for your website visibility and helping it to gain organic reach.  Not focusing on Meta description and Title of your content can lead the wide range of users to abandonment.Tips:
  • For better on-site optimization, use keywords in Meta description and Engaging Headings.
  • Write Unique Meta Description for each page of your website. A meta description is snippet of your page, and it creates first impression on users to make them analyze whether your page contains relevant information or not.
  1. Attracting Everyone:
If you stay specific in terms of your keywords, then there are higher chances that you will generate more leads with few buyers. However, most website owners try to grab everyone attention to their blog, they do get more traffic, but it doesn’t convert into sales.Tips:
  • Don’t use generic keywords; try to stay specific as per your content. It will get you more leads.
  1. Using Company Title:
Labelling the title tag with the wrong approach is another major and common Mistakes in search engine Optimization an owner makes. Most businesses use their business titles as the title of their website page, which is not an effective approach to seek consumer attention.Tips:
  • Use the product description or services which your company is providing instead of using the Company’s title.
  1. Focus on User Engagement:
Creating content, but not focusing on user engagement, can be the biggest failure of your Business. However, including Backlink is a potent approach to increase the traffic on your page, but not focusing on audience engagement can drown your page reputation.Tips:
  • For prominent audience engagement, you must Create Good Content, add Images, videos, infographics, Quotes, and other resources to build audience interest.
  • Well-Written content with appropriate use of keyword can help to decrease your bounce rate and increase your Search Engine Ranking.
Conclusion:Mentioned-above are the top 10 Common Mistakes in search engine Optimization which are usually made by the website owner. However, if you are new in this business, then you can use my given tips with each mistake to avoid them. Avoiding these mistakes can help you to accomplish success in a concise period. 

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