We fix all kinds of general website issues

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Fixwebsiteissues almost fix all about general website issues such as WordPress errors bug fixing, WordPress speed up issues, WordPress security issues, WordPress theme customization, WordPress theme development, WordPress Plugin development, WordPress SSL issues and WordPress maintenance etc.

Social Media Marketing
the best weapon to generate targeted traffic and to sell your product or services which all help you get your business widely known. So if you are wanting that, Congratulations!!!!, you are in right place.  Your social media marketing is an essential part of your marketing strategy. 75% of online users prefer to connect with brands on social media. I’llprofessionally assists you to rock your business with my ultimate social media marketing plan.
The initial consultation is to identify your:

  • Target market
  • Brand values
  • Business principles
  • Main channels of content distribution
  • Campaign Quality Assurance
  • Ongoing Management
  • Create a page professionally
  • SEO for your page or group
  • Add member and post
  • YouTube video upload with SEO.
  • Like, comment, share and invite friends,
  • Social Banners, etc

Marketing sites:

  • Facebook
  • Google plus
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube channel
  • Pinterest
  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp, etc.

What we will do!

  • Determine business and social media goals
  • Research your business, competitors, audience groups to find out whats is trending in your target market?
  • what do people want?
  • Create and design posts with awesome graphics
  • Research trendy and right hashtag
  • Create attractive slideshows
  • Write awesome caption
  • Posts scheduling
  • Increase real targeted followers organically
  • Group and community marketing
  • If your business is e-com/products/motivation related I will create and design posts according to your
  • business but if it is service-related I prefer topics from you or I will set-up topic and verify from you.
  • Engage with followers

Web Server

  • Dedicated / VPS web Servers.
  • Reseller / Shared Hosting Accounts.
  • cPanel, Plesk, ZPanel, Vesta or anything
  • WordPress, Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce

Whether you’re just starting to build your business website or trying to redesign your platform, or designing an admin panel, we can help you create a custom design that perfectly reflects your brand. No matter how small or big the changes you want to make on your WordPress website, our expert UI and web designers can provide premium theme customization solutions.


Aside from technical fixes, we also offer digital marketing services that will help you grow your business and increase conversions, sales, and ROI. From content writing to search engine optimization to social media management, our experienced marketing specialists will design and implement strategies according to your business goals.


Our specialty lies in how fast and professional we fix all sorts of any website or WordPress website issues. Whether you’re having server issues, code errors, security threats, slow page loading, plugin issue, payment gateway problem, pop up problems, or other kinds of trouble that’s keeping your business from moving forward, we can deliver speedy website repair solutions.

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