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An online shopping eCommerce website needs fixing service for errors free live performance in template design, development, and checkout system. We know about the word being dropped everywhere in the computerized world, and numerous individuals consider it to be the fate of retail. In any case, have you ever thought to yourself what an e-commerce website is and how can it work?

Ecommerce is short for electronic commerce. Internet business or electronic trade alludes to a plan of action that includes deals exchanges, basically transactions being done on the web. Essentially every shopping site that is online – small or large – follows this structure. Any webpage where you can acquire things available to be purchased over the web is viewed as an e-commerce website.

E-Commerce, is simply the buying and purchasing of services and goods over a medium which is electronic, for example, the Internet. It consists of data that is electronically transferred and funds that are exchanged between two or more parties. In simpler words, it is online shopping as commonly known by most people.

Why Ecommerce website needs proper maintenance?

WordPress Ecommerce Maintenance

Fix Website Issues Ecommerce Maintenance

Prolongation of eCommerce online shop websites is constantly discussed and examined among the owners of the electronic shop as a thing that may and probably won’t be significantly important. Obviously, from their viewpoint, any extra speculation after they previously paid the site advancement cost is something that isn’t very welcome. Then again, some are glad to stay with their eCommerce development company and stay connected in any event, even when the project has been completed, hence they keep up their work inside the contract electronic commerce site maintenance. The sensible inquiry that flies into the brain is – which ones are correct?

An eCommerce site requires proper website maintenance services always. The appropriate response can be best checked whether you investigate who the best traders are. The organizations that are continually captivating their web developers and originators on support and update tasks continually have the higher ground, and these are the reasons why:

  • Websites that are working at a faster rate
  • Better experience for users
  • Features that are always up to date
  • Increased uptime

Apart from these, 3 big reasons, why should website maintenance services should be opted for.

1. Getting a boost in SEO ranking:

Every time you revise your content with information that is unique as well as effective, your sire ranking improves on search engines. The pursuit bots favor sites that are quick, free of errors, all around kept up, and incorporate trending keywords. They commonly like to file extraordinary and new content and think about the changes for the benefit of rankings.

2. Maintaining webpage loading speed:

When your website is visited by a user, you think he will shop and pay for the products most of the time. Slow loading speed harms users. For an eCommerce site, quick loading page speed matters a great deal. Assume if a user is browsing through the items and the page is taking a lot of time to transfer, he may get baffled and close your site and begin looking through the ideal items on different stores.

3. Keeping webpage safe and secure:

When a user finalizes a product the first thing that should come up is security. In order to stay fully informed regarding the security patches and ordinary examining of your site’s security logs, to check dubious exercises, if any then eliminating it timely, it is essential to pick site maintenance services.

Keeping Ecommerce websites well maintained is our priority, let us tell you how we manage it;

When the starting development has completed for a completely working web-based business site, there are as yet numerous intentions to keep the webpage kept up, maintained, and working smoothly.

Some widely used ways that we use to help Support Plan users, namely:

  • Moving a 3rd party code into google manager tag
  • Understanding customers relationship and making changes according to them
  • Doing an A/B testing
  • Using search control, monitoring the 404 pages
  • Conducting net promoter scores services
  • Taking note of how real people are using the site

Other important factors include;

Security: Understanding the ever-evolving security vulnerabilities for eCommerce sites is both challenging and time-consuming.

Execution: Quick loading site pages are significant for pretty much any business. For organizations that depend on eCommerce, page load velocities can directly affect revenue.

Showcasing Initiatives: Best core vision is to drive income for customers through rich online arrangements or solutions and a key part of doing that is through focused showcasing activities and marketing initiatives.

To sum it up, keeping up a site takes as much work as creating it in any case and we make sure we do all this. We know that it is essential to remember that advancement and support are two very different kinds of work. Most originators and developers assemble something and never figure out how their work performs. However, we’re different. When compared it resembles to keep up the site you’ve made, we can help you improve your abilities and make better destinations later on.

Ecommerce conversion rates

Have you have heard of the term “Conversion Rate”. Well, if you have, then you’ll know what it means. As the name itself suggests, the electronic conversion rate is the percentage of actual website visitors who in a short period have purchased something from your online store. However, this is only to measure your store’s success.

Here are some conversions for an electronic commerce website:

  1. Sale online
  2. The user adds a product after finalizing it to their cart
  3. An item added by the user to their Wishlist
  4. Signing up for emails
  5. Shares on social media
  6. KPI, any, that your company finds

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is the name of the process, in which shopping experiences and skills that drive a KPI that is specific, are improved, mainly sales. So, what conversion rate is good for e-commerce? If we were to look at the average then 1 to 2 percent but if everything is set up perfectly, then you can still look to win the sales around two percent of the time.

So, what are the benefits of increased conversion rates? Well, the first one and the most obvious one is Value. increasing your conversion rate implies that your site offers more worth. Focusing on User Experience, reducing or diminishing Ambiguity, consoling your clients, or adding convincing substance to your site, all enhance your items. The second one is remarketing. as any advertiser will let you know, the best crowd for future deals is previous clients. Re-showcasing is a gigantic aspect of a compelling advertising blend; however, it can’t happen except if you make the 1st sale. Figuring out how to transform a couple of more questionable programs into clients (and afterward re-marketing to them) is more productive than spending enormously on advertising to outsiders. The third benefit is that of Revenue. Expanding your conversion rates is the most cost-beneficial approach to manufacture your income. Rather than spending your promoting budget on publicizing (which decreases the quality of your traffic) to get more sales, CRO is the most dependable approach.

Close by these three major advantages, there’s one more motivation behind why your eCommerce change rate is essential to your store’s prosperity. It’s known as “The champ brings home all the glory Effect”

Ecommerce Security Management

Let’s start with the question as to what e-commerce security is. Ecommerce security implies the network protection ideas that consider secure electronic exchanges on the web. It also permits individuals to purchase and sell items and administrations on the Internet with a structure set up that gives security to all the parties that are involved in the question. It’s gotten progressively significant for shippers and customers the same lately.

Why Ecommerce security is important?

Ecommerce Security Issues

Fix Website Issues | Ecommerce Security

Ecommerce webpage security is important for various reasons, explicitly with regards to ensuring the privacy protection and information of clients on a site, shielding the accounts of an online business, forestalling misrepresentation and monetary tricks, and safeguarding the notoriety of an online store as a sheltered spot to lead exchanges and conduct transactions.

At the point when the important security highlights aren’t actualized on a site, both online traders and clients the same are in genuine danger for installment frauds, tricks, information breaks, and other significant dangers. One of the advantages of executing security for eCommerce is that you’re ready to all the more likely addition the trust of your customers, as they have a sense of security purchasing from you while additionally ensuring the private information of both them and your online store.

At the point when the correct safety efforts are set up in your site, it additionally guarantees clients’ protection and uprightness, being that none of the data they share online will be utilized in any capacity without their insight or endorsement.

Moreover, aside from the way that eCommerce site security breaks adversely sway the accounts of a business, it additionally impacts the reputation of the site. Regardless of how steadfast a business’ clients maybe, they won’t be eager to prescribe your store to other people if their security and sensitive information are in danger.

Web Traffic Analytics

Web analytics can be portrayed as the act of producing, gathering, and sorting out Internet information/data to advance website composition, design, and technique. Design web analytic applications to screen and track all growth tactics for your development because without this data, you’re working in obscurity.

Web analytics give quick and clear outcomes that measure the development of eCommerce’s system adequacy. You can utilize web analytics as a distinctive tool, becoming more and more acquainted with your crowd, to comprehend their inclinations, to begin doing a greater amount of what works, and to quit doing the things that don’t work. You need to devise development techniques that develop your business, you have to ensure you’ve arranged web analytics to track and screen all phases of the pipe, just as each touchpoint between your image and its prospective clients.

Also, E-commerce optimization can be boosted by google analytics in more than one way.

Why making your website source code optimized for SEO is necessary?

Starting, each professional knows how significant SEO is in the period of advanced innovation. There is no difference if your business is big or your business is small — you need SEO to amplify the profitability of your e-commerce business site. So why e-commerce websites need SEO? SEO is important in helping customers reaching or finding you. Also, for growing your bottom line, it is a cost-effective method. Moreover, SEO’s effects are long-lasting as well which makes it a good investment as well.

Ecommerce support and maintenance:

An ideal online store is the one that performs well, has a quick loading time, and offers a great user experience. What’s more, to offer all these, it is essential to routinely maintain and upgrade up your site. Great maintenance keeps your image in the computerized market and we at IDS Logic, can assist you with the best e-commerce maintenance services for your site, so it undeniably meets your business targets. Our specialized help group is capable of taking care of sites of various industry verticals. IDS Logic tends to the particular needs of your business and whether you need to improve the ease of use of your site or need a refresh or guarantee that your e-store is performing great, we can deal with everything easily. Our master group can build up the best upkeep technique to improve the norms of your business that are identified with UI, client growth, and assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from any personal time issues.

So, by profiting and availing Ecommerce backing and upkeep administrations, you will have simple access to first-class ensured developers, internet business specialists, electronic commerce specialists, and other topic specialists having abilities to help you to proficiently oversee and keep up your online presence.

  • Support for custom models developed by 3rd party payment
  • Making
  • use of a 3red party is considered to be a good idea in e-commerce. But are they
  • effective? The answer again would be a yes. Ways in which 3rd party platforms

can boost the revenue include:

  • More the volume of order processing
  • Checkout of mobile interface
  • Having multiple options for payment
  • Card the protection which is abandoned
  • Experts and consultant of e-commerce being available for advice

It comes to a point when you like to pay for what you have

acquired. Now, Payment Gateways and Payment service providers show up. They

must recognize misrepresentation and approve the buying arrangement.

What is a payment gateway?

Ecommerce Payment Gateway

Ecommerce Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway is characterized as a bit of programming utilized by service

providers online, to approve and direct digital payments. Practically all

online purchases need a Payment Gateway – from E-commerce to commercial centers

or electronic help stages. You could picture a Payment Gateway as the

computerized equal to a physical retail location in a physical shop.

The difference between the payment gateways and payment serviced providers.

Payment Service Providers are not to be mistaken for Payment Gateways. Payment Gateways

verify and trigger the real exchange, giving the value-based data to Payment

Service Providers. The PSP’s Payment Processors become dynamic at that point.

It handles accounting, for example, the exchange of cash from one account to

the next.

What are the errors/issues?

e-commerce website owners may experience from website technical?

Bugs and errors can be covered up on any side of an internet business site. Your clients may even excuse you for a 404 mistake or a messed up to connect on some item page. Nonetheless, it is particularly awful to have bugs in the item requesting, checkout, or installment measures.

Examples include the inability to utilize the guaranteed limits or free transportation, unexplainable mistakes trying to arrange an item, outlandish blunders in presenting a structure (frequently with the need to fill it in once more), and some more. Poor images and no zoom option to view the images is another technical default, coupled with insufficient product descriptions to satisfy the buyer. Moreover, Clients may have inquiries concerning the items or need to gripe about some purchasing cycle issues. Tragically, clients regularly unearth a buggy support chat that neglects to convey messages. Muddled or missing contact data is another regular internet business webpage issue.

Why you should try our company for maintaining your e-commerce website?

Ecommerce Maintanance

Ecommerce Maintenance | Fix Website Issues

Last but not the least, why should you try our company for maintaining your e-commerce website? Our experience and professionalism help us guarantee your success if you put your faith in us. Your content should be placed to live and survive, and we ensure it in that place. Utilizing electronic commerce, associations can extend their market to the public and global business sectors with the least capital venture. An association can without stretch to find more clients, the best providers, and appropriate colleagues over the globe. That is where we can help you,

The group of people we have are specialized and take care of websites of various industry verticals. We can deal with everything easily. Again, our master group can build up the best upkeep technique to improve the norms of your company that is identified with UI, client growth and assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from any personal time issues.


Several e-commerce website problems can arrive. It involves technical issues, payment integration issues, marketing problems, logistics problems, and user experience issues. We will discuss all the errors and their solutions.


Web hosting can be the biggest issue in collapsing your business and website. If you are using a shared hosting service, move to the dedicated host. If your e-commerce website faces more traffic than usual it might be stuck and you would face loss.


The best solution is to have dedicated hosting so that as many as traffic could hit your website without any lag. Most people are moving their sites to the cloud as it is reliable and low costly.


It is also the same problem as we discussed above applicable for e-commerce websites. No matter you have dedicated servers when it comes to sale season, their servers are down because they have to upgrade their servers for more traffic.


Cloud can provide them automatic scaling along with dedicated hosting service. Organizations such as AWS, Google Cloud offers automatic scaling for their customers.


For an e-commerce website, the owner is allowed to send only a few emails to its customers. These emails are regarding order confirmation, payment confirmation, order dispatched, and order feedback. When the sale season arrives such as black Friday, good stores receive thousands of orders and emails. If at this stage your mailing server gets collapsed due to limited space, you cannot do anything.


To avoid this issue and keep your clients in touch with you, ask your service provider to scale up the limit. You should check it yourself by sending 3 to 4 emails to your member.


Everyone is in a hurry nowadays. If your e-commerce website is taking time to load, the buyer would leave you and move to another website. Moreover, Google also ranks the website based on page loading speed.


You should follow these precautions to increase the site loading speed:

  • Check that which page is causing a problem
  • Change the web hosting service provider
  • Use CDN
  • Limit the page size
  • Minimize the HTTP requests
  • Optimize time to the first byte
  • Check for the extensions you are using
  • Use optimized images


In the case of an e-commerce website, it is the most common issue that your product images are irrelevant or images are of some other products at your e-commerce website. For example, one brand of shoes is showing pictures of another brand, and so on. 


This problem can be avoided by manual checking of each product image and its description.


Filters can add more transparency and abstraction to your website. Customers may leave your website when they are not shown their wish product during filtration, despite it is in your inventory. For example, shoes are filtered by size, brand, color, and type, etc. 


Setting up filters on your e-commerce website is not a difficult task. You can ask your developer to choose that platform of an e-commerce website that offers more filtering. It will help customers to find their desired product and thus your business will excel. 


During sale seasons a lot of people visit the e-commerce website. If your website is not developed well you may face problems like a broken URL. This will cause people to bounce back from your website and your website ranking will be down automatically. It will also affect your overall business.


Tools are available that can check for bad product URLs. Using those tools you can optimize your product URL for an e-commerce website. One such tool is Screaming Frog.


Most e-commerce stores are not using a shipping facility integrated with the tracking facility. Due to this many customers bounce back while thinking that it is not a secure site, and they never came back for more orders.


A simple solution is that you can out-source your eCommerce website shipping process to some third party. In this way, you will be free and the tracking process will be automated.


Your slow check out process can frustrate the customer and he will end up leaving your website. Indeed, nowadays, no one has time to go through a detailed check out process. Usually, customers add up items in the cart and leave it as it is when they have to face a long check out procedure.


You should keep one or two clicks check-out process. Ask your developer to develop in such a way that it can save customers’ data even if the cart gets abandoned.


It is the biggest error of e-commerce websites in the modern era. Improper SEO or bad SEO can harm your eCommerce business very badly. Duplicate page title, Meta tags, content, description, and alt tags could de-rank your e-commerce website. 


You should hire an SEO expert and ask him to do on-page and off-page SEO. You have to confirm that your e-commerce website is SEO friendly before it is life, otherwise, your hundreds of dollars will be wasted. Fix Website Issues team are always active to help you for running your eCommerce website smoothly. Email us at


There might have some more e-commerce mistakes. Like errors as stock inaccuracies, payment frauds, tracking issues. But the above ones are more commons errors at the Ecommerce website. If you want to multiply your revenue by 10 times you need to maintain all these factors during special occasions such as Halloween, Black Friday, and thanksgiving.

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